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The database community quickly reacted to these new requirements by providing models for semi-structured data and by integrating database research to XML web services and mobile computing. However, restricting access stations to physical location limits the boundary of the vision. Connect your apps to on-premises data. Security — The data which is left at the fixed location is more secure as compared to mobile data. Preise in Euro inkl.

Mobile Computing Chapter-5

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Navin Navin. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. In all the five units, trouble-shooting section not included it y Text Book r s 1.

Albert Paul Malvino and Donald P. Reference Book v e 1. Summing amplifier using op-amp 2. Integrator and differentiator using op-amp 3. Active filter using op-amp a 4. Counters using flip-flops y 6. Decoder and Encoder 7. Multiplexer and Demultiplexer 8. Shift register using flip flops n 9. Parity generator and checker Sections 3. Sections 7. Sections Reference Book y 1. Chapters 4,5,7,8, only a Reference books 1. Thomas C. John P.

Text Book: 1. Andrew S. Rainer Handel, Manfred N. Reference Books: n Fourth Edition , y 1. Peterson, Computer Networks, Second edition. Architectures and issues for distributed multimedia systems: distributed multimedia systems — synchronization, Orchestration, and QOS architecture — the role of standard, a framework for multimedia systems. Digital sound — digital audio signal processing, Transmission of digital sound — digital audio signal proessing, digital music making — brief survey of speech recognition and regeneration — digital audio and the computer.

Unit II : Digital Video And Image Compression Evaluating A compression system — redundancy and visibility — video compression techniques — the IPEG image compression standard — the MEPG motion video compression it standard — DVI technology, Multimedia information systems — Middle ware system Services, Architecture — goals of Multimedia system service architecture — media stream protocol — multimedia device presentation service and user interface.

Unit IV : Multimedia Communications Systems i v Multimedia services over the public network: Requirements, Architecture and Protocols — n Applications — Network services — network protocols - Multimedia interchange: Quick Time Movie File QMF format — MHEG Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Encoding Expert Group — format function and representation summary — real-time interchange — U Multimedia conferencing: teleconferencing systems — requirements for multimedia communications — shared application architectures and embedded distributed objects — multimedia conferencing architectures.

Text Book un 1. Koegelbuford, Multimedia systems, AWP, Editing picture using Photoshop 6. BOOTP: introduction — packet format — server design — through router. K TCP : Introduction — services — headers — connection establishment and termination —timeout of connection establishment- maximum segment size- half —close — state transition diagram — reset segments — simultaneous open and close- options — server design. Unit V : SNMP Introduction — protocol — structure of management information — object identifiers — management information base — instance identification.

Reference Book: 1. K Text Book 1. Kebler, 2nd edition, McGraw Hill, Unit : Ill y a Tree structures, Binanry trees, implementation of Binary trees ' linear representation of a binary tree, linked representation of a binary tree, binary tree traversals, pre-order, In order, post order traversals of a binary tree - Deletion algorithm for lists maintained with binary tree.

General trees. Graphs and networks, a implementation of graphs - the adjacency matrix, Depth-first search, breadth--first search.

Networks-Minimum spanning tree - The shortest path algorithm - Topological ordering. K Unit : V Sorting: Internal sorts, the Bubble sort, the insertion sort, the selection sort, the shell sort the quick sort, the heap sort, External sorting or file sorting, the Merge sort.

Search strategies: Quantity dependent search techniques, sequential search, Binary search, Binary tree search - Density dependent search techniques, Construction of Hashing function, Collision Processing - indexed search techniques Indexed indexing, Tree indexing. Naps - TMH Reference Books 1. Fundamental of Data Structures - by E. Horowitz and S. Sahni, Gaigotia Book source, Data Structures and program design - by Robert L. Kruse, Prentice Hall of India r Pvt. Develop a date structure for trees.

Include addition, deletion, access procedures. Apply this to problems like students list, passengers list, polynominal representations. Write an algorithm for balancing a B tree, B plus tree and tree. Develop data structures for multilevel indexing to store records. Write procedures for insertion, deletion and accessing a record.

Calculate access times. Develop file structures for a direct address calculation method Hashing. Assume a proper disk size and hashing function. Write an algorithm to convert a tree into a binary tree. Also traverse the tree. Write a un search algorithm using an ordered binary tree. Write algorithm to sort a list of records based on a key using a tree data structure. Sort a file containing records using quick sort. Merge two sorted files. Write algorithm to access records based on a non-key value inverted list - approach.

Insert a large file of records into disk using a contiguous allocation approach b linked blocks approach. Given a graph, suggest a suitable data structure; develop an algorithm to detect a cycle.

A dictionary has words in two languages. Write search algorithms to search for w word that may be in any language. Unit-V n Applications of Neural Networks : Traveling salesman problem — Multitarget tracking — Time u series prediction - Talling network and phonetic typewriter — Autonomous vehicle r Navigation — Handwritten digit recognition — Image Compression using back propagation — Visual processing Networks a Text Books 1.

James A. Digital audio representation and processing. Video technology, Digital video and image compression, Time based media representation and delivery. Unit - II r s Operating system support for continuous media applications. Middleware system services architecture. Multimedia devices, presentation services and the user interface.

Multimedia e file systems and information models. Multimedia presentation and authoring v Unit - III i Multimedia services over the public network; requirements, architectures and protocols.

Multimedia interchange. Multimedia conferencing. Multimedia groupware: Computer and n Video fusion approach to open shared workspace. Text Books a r 1. John F. Roy S. Text Book: U 1. Reference: n th y 1. Text Book: i v 1. Richard Stevens, Gary R. Comer , David L. Stevens, Prentice Hall, Second edition

Mobile Communications: Summer Term 2008

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Alt, B. In: Electronics, 9 10 , S. July, [Conference item]. In: Journal of Object Technology, 19 2 , S. Abdel-Karim, Benjamin M. June, [Conference item].

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Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing

All Rights Reserved. This paper attempt to proffer WiMAX as the best option amidst all other technology for wireless network deployment. Cite this paper: Ibuomo R. Ibuomo R. Article Outline 1.

Jochen H. Schiller www. Hertz : demonstrates with an experiment the wave character of electrical transmission through space , in Karlsruhe, Germany. Middle East; 1,6 Africa; 3,1 Americas incl.

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Ad hoc networking towards seamless communications signals and communication technology

Unfortunately, our ability to communicate hasnt been as perfect as wed like. Despite progressing in leaps and bounds with technology, our businesses have been too reliant on single streams of connection, unreliable telecoms and poor coverage. The use of mesh networking is a huge step towards delivering seamless communications.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Schiller, MC SS02 Mobile Communications Chapter 5: Satellite Systems • support mobile.

Mobile Computing Chapter-5

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