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His uniqueness lies with the way he threaded religion onto other intellectual legacies. Dr Ali Shariati was one of many Muslim intellectuals who sought to provide answers to the problems confronting Muslims in the modern, Western-dominated world. In his view, a new cultural reorientation that recognized individual agency and autonomy could help Muslim societies overcome the structural causes of their stagnation and underdevelopment. In his anti-colonialist discourse Shariati underlines the role of religion in liberating society. As one of the most influential Muslim thinkers of the twentieth century, Ali Shariati had a major role in articulating a religiously-inflected discourse of radical social and political change in Iran during the s and s.

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Ali Shariati

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Tawhid is the foundation of liberation ideologies that negate all forms of discrimination to move towards egalitarianism equality of human beings. Tawhid is the spirit of resistance against tyranny and oppression, based on the values of justice. In the view of Ali Syariati, Tawhid is the ephisentrum of life and mode of existence. Tauhid necessitates teocentric world view leading men in motion of existential evolution to become teomorphis human, men the characteristic of divine attributes. Muthahhari, Murtadha.

Ali Shariati, - L adies and Gentlemen: Tonight, as long as time permits, I would like to investigate the following questions: I. Does Islam recognize man as a helpless creature whose ultimate goal and ideal is to stand powerless in front of God? Does Islam recognize humanness as a nobility? Is helplessness in man a pre-requisite of belief in Islam, or on the contrary, is belief in Islam enough to bestow originality upon man and a respect for his virtues?

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Click one of the quick donate buttons to make a general donation, or click here to see what donations you can make including Sadaqah and Zakat payments, or support the oppressed people of Nigeria. He subjected contemporary society to careful examination, using the terms, experiences and concepts found in Islamic philosophy and culture for his analysis. He formulated and presented to his students and readers a coherent Islamic world-view and an ideology of social, political and economic change. His views contributed much to the Iranian Islamic revolution. This anthology — translated by the esteemed Professor Hamid Algar - presents of his major ideas. In it the reader is introduced to several of his favourite themes: the unity of the universe, the confusion of terms in Marxism and the man of faith as rebel.

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The Fundamental Ideology of the Forqan

He is held as one of the most influential Iranian intellectuals of the 20th century [3] and has been called the "ideologue of the Iranian Revolution ", although his ideas ended up not forming the basis of the Islamic Republic. In his years at the Teacher's Training College in Mashhad , Shariati came into contact with young people who were from less privileged economic classes of society, and for the first time saw the poverty and hardship that existed in Iran during that period. At the same time, he was exposed to many aspects of Western philosophical and political thought.

The literature discussed here consists primarily of the articles written by prominent Indonesian Muslim intellectuals, and most of the articles were introductions to the translated books of Shariati and Hanafi. Abdillah, Masykuri. Hamburg: Abera Verlag Mayer.

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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Man and Islam is a series of seven lectures which were given by Shari'ati in different universities in Iran, In this series he analysis the philosophy of the creation of man, Islamic world-view, the limitations of the material world, and the responsibility of man in the scheme of the universe. The first lecture, "Man and Islam", analyzes the creation of man according to Islamic doctrine and present man as God's vicegerent on earth as is described in the Holy Qur'an.

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Man And Islam Ali Shariati, Fatollah Marjani. Man and Islam is a series of seven lectures which were given by Shari'ati in different universities in Iran, In.

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