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climate change funding and grants from outside uganda pdf

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The European Union wishes to promote the mobility of students, teachers and researchers in higher education institutions in ACP countries. For more information : the program. For more information : exchange programs.

Consequently, the launch of the projects funding round has been postponed until at least December USAID has created this landing page with guidance for its implementing partners. It will be prioritising applications that can demonstrate that they are responding to longer term impacts of COVID

Funding opportunities

Consequently, the launch of the projects funding round has been postponed until at least December USAID has created this landing page with guidance for its implementing partners. It will be prioritising applications that can demonstrate that they are responding to longer term impacts of COVID The fund remains open for applications addressing a wide range of Global Goals in a variety of contexts. However, we will expect all applicants to be able to explain: how their project will address anticipated longer term impacts of the virus and outline how the risks of COVID to project delivery could be mitigated as part of their application.

We appreciate the crisis is developing rapidly and that accurately predicting how COVID will impact the specific context you work in will be challenging.

Location : Projects are only eligible if they are set up in a country that is ranked in the bottom 50 of the UN Human Development Index HDI or if it is considered of high or moderate fragility by the UK government. Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria are the exceptions to this rule and are not eligible.

See a full list here. The fund receives a particularly high volume of proposals for projects in Kenya. Your organisation or your downstream partner will also need to be registered in the country of delivery for your application to be eligible. UK Aid Direct does not specify how much of the budget should go to capital expenditure, monitoring and evaluation activities or UK costs. It is up to the organisation to make the determination appropriate to the project. Deadline: 25 February Shift Power for Peace Digital Fund Type of project : This fund is designed to support access the digital tools needed to continue peace building work, even remotely, during the period of lockdown and restrictions brought about by COVID This fund is primarily for the purchase of phone credit, basic equipment, software and other communications tools.

Location: selection is based on the Fragile State Index Eligibility: Any individual, group or organization that meets the following criteria can apply: must be carrying out peace building work in a fragile or conflict affected country for a minimum of six months, defined as any activities that have a strong direct impact on peaceful outcomes in a community; must refuse to use violence or weapons in their work, and embraces the concept of non-violence, is engaging in locally or nationally focused work and must not be a branch of an international organization.

The Fund is prioritizing applications from girls and young women with disabilities, girls and young women of colour, LGBTQIA2S youth, afro-descendant, indigenous and immigrant girls and young women, as well as those living in urban slum areas, rural areas, refugee camps, occupied territories and in conflict affected settings. GlobalGiving Microgrants Type of project: These microgrants are focused on funding immediate and urgent needs that your organization foresees in the next days as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Location : Worldwide Eligibility : Your organization must have Partner, Leader, or Superstar status, up-to-date due diligence, and at least one active project. GlobalGiving must be able to disburse funds to your organization. Applicants are required to ensure appropriate duty of care, insurance, safeguarding and all other liabilities are in place and that they have the support of their institution for any travel, as well as appropriate institutional support in the destination country.

Location: Low- and middle-income countries Eligibility: The awards are open to applicants who have a substantive position at a UK higher education institution or research organisation. Deadline: Applications should ideally be submitted at least 2 weeks before the planned travel. This includes non-traditional development partners such as private businesses, business and trade associations, chambers of commerce foundations, and financial institutions, in addition to traditional non-profit NGOs and for-profit development firms.

An INGO can be either the resource partner or the implementing partner, but the consortium should include a private sector partner, preferably from the business community. Eligibility: Both UK and overseas applicants may apply. Both have separate eligibility criteria. Click on 'apply' to read full details. We are interested in funding research of any scale that can demonstrate it will deliver impact during the lifetime of the project.

Researchers must provide a good case for why their original project should be repurposed. Eligibility: This is process is not available for either: Companies and organisations being funded by Innovate UK or Applicants holding a Newton Fund grant.

The activities will have the overall aim of empowering vulnerable communities, especially during this unfortunate time. Recognising that the current global COVID crisis is not just a health crisis but also a socioeconomic crisis, its impact is cross cutting and raises a number of diverse human rights concerns. Therefore, it is encouraged to consider activities that are not only implementable during the current shifting restrictions but also address issues such as access for basic needs, access to education and mental health etc.

We are interested in local and even hyper-local distribution models. Priority communities include: Those at high risk or hit especially hard by the virus, indigenous communities, immigrant or refugee communities, underserved, urban, rural, elderly populations, and children. Reporting may cover any aspect of the virus and its fallout, including but not limited to: Social consequences of COVID and measures to contain it, particularly related to equity—such as its impact on immigrant communities, domestic violence, and early childhood education.

Stories of resilience and solutions that could be applied on a regional or global scale. Novel forms of data visualization or science communication to help communities better understand how to protect themselves.

Lessons learned from local response s to COVID that could be applied to other large-scale challenges, such as climate change or the refugee crisis.

Best practices of how educators, students, and schools are reacting to this crisis, particularly as they illuminate under-resourced schools. Location: Worldwide Eligibility: We seek writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists, cartographers, filmmakers, and data visualization experts to apply for this funding. The funds may be used for immediate support to community members to buy food or medicines, or for your organization to pay rent and utilities.

Proposals are welcomed across the following themes: Data, apps and other technology-led initiatives; Community outreach and mobilisation campaigns; Initiatives that improve economic resilience of workers and small businesses; Fact-based inputs that can inform the thinking of decision-makers in crisis response e. Closing date : Rolling. If you do not hear from the Network in 10 days, you should assume your proposal has not made it past the initial screening.

The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation Type of project: Projects which mobilize civic initiatives meant to help limit the coronavirus crisis and counter its negative impact on society, good governance, democracy, rule of law, and access to free media. We understand that applications may include work responding to the Covid crisis. We will listen carefully to applicants and offer flexible and timely support as best we can. Type of project : Trustees favour work such as small business support and training and microfinance in both urban and rural settings.

Applications in support of initiatives that are building sustainable futures in the semi-arid areas of Africa are especially welcome. Trustees also welcome appeals that support and protect street children and help them find safe and sustainable livelihoods. Within these areas, priority will be given to work with communities living in urban slums and semi-arid regions where economic hardship is most extreme.

Eligibility : Trustees tend to offer grants to smaller, grass-roots organisations and do not generally respond to appeals from large and well-supported charities. The Trustees welcome applications from Diaspora led organisations based and registered in the UK and is also willing to consider direct applications from registered civil society organisations in Africa. This includes organisations who work overseas.

Closing date : At the time of writing, the fun is spent out. However, it is planning to reopen when more funds are raised. The overarching objective of this grants round is to ensure that people with disabilities, including people with mental health disabilities, are in the lead on approaches to improve their wellbeing, social and economic outcomes, and rights.

Research institutions and media organisations are encouraged to apply for specific themes. Projects that target Internal Displaced Persons IDPs , stateless persons, or vulnerable migrants will not be considered under this program. The U. The objective is to provide organizations with the tools necessary to empower civil society to promote media freedom, including online, despite the current restrictive legal framework.

Preference is given to support reliable local NGOs to encourage capacity building for smaller, local partners. This also includes, but is not limited to, investigations into how interventions have responded to crises to develop resilience of both the girls and the education systems in which they reside and promote recovery efforts.

These can include research projects that analyse secondary GEC data, other relevant data sources, or those undertaking small scale data collection. National Endowment for Democracy NED Type of project: Projects which promote and defend human rights and the rule of law, support freedom of information and independent media, strengthen democratic ideas and values, promote accountability and transparency, strengthen civil society organizations, strengthen democratic political processes and institutions, promote civic education support democratic conflict resolution, promote freedom of association and strengthen a broad-based market economy.

NED encourages applications from organizations working in diverse environments including newly established democracies, semi-authoritarian countries, highly repressive societies and countries undergoing democratic transitions. Rafto Prize Type of project: Recognition to those who fight against oppression. A candidate should be active in the struggle for the ideals and principles underlying the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should represent a non-violent perspective.

Voice will prioritise collaborations among organisations led by or representing marginalised communities and those bringing transparency and accountability expertise.

This Window will support blended finance solutions that find new ways to enhance and protect the world's stock of natural assets, including water, land, soil, air, plants and animals, by attracting private investment at scale. For example, solutions could be aimed at: Protecting biodiversity Reducing ecosystem degradation e. The proposal must be for a blended finance vehicle. The vehicle must aim to use catalytic capital from public or philanthropic sources to attract private sector investment to the identified development challenge.

Preference would be given to proposals targeting Southeast Asia. Practitioners should have on the ground presence or partnerships in Asia. The lead organization must be able to provide 1 proof of incorporation, and 2 audited financial statements for the previous fiscal year.

Other areas will also be considered. Reclaiming our Civic Space! Greenhall Foundation Type of project: Preference is given to appeals that will make a tangible difference to the relevant charity e.

The Trustees prefer to issue grants to assist in funding special projects or specific items of equipment, they also prefer to issue grants to projects that will benefit a number of beneficiaries rather than just a few.

Find out more about contracting opportunities and how to apply in our Bidding for a DFID contract guide. African Women's Development Fund. They must also be registered in an African country and have been in existence for at least 3 years. The Becht Family Trust Type of project: The Trust's main focus area is the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. It is planning to allocate the largest part of its annual donations to this area.

It also supports humanitarian aid including the case of Environmental Disasters as well as efforts to structurally help children with medical, educational or other programmes both in developing and developed countries. It also supports educational programmes within both these key areas. Both restricted and unrestricted grants can be made. Larger grants may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Bread for the World — Partnership opportunities Type of project : Bread for the World works with more than 2, partner organisations for peace, justice and the preservation of creation. Partners are expected to share the funders underlying ethical values.

Bread for the World needs to examine the organisational capacity of the partner organisations to conduct a project as well as the reasonability of a planned project. They must provide proof of registration and a copy of their statues and a letter of recommendation that shows that actions do not take place in isolation, but that they are integrated into the local development policy or church policy landscape.

Grant size : As a rule, all expenses directly related to the project can be funded. Partner organisations must secure other sources of financing e.

Within this stream, the Trust does not support international development work, disaster relief, organisations working wholly outside of the UK, domestic abuse or Female Genital Mutilation; 2.

Africa Funding Sources

This section describes the legal framework governing nonprofit organizations also known as non-governmental organizations or NGOs in Uganda, and includes translations of legislative provisions relevant for a foundation or advisor undertaking an equivalency determination of a foreign grantee under IRS Revenue Procedure Ugandan law provides for the establishment of a variety of not-for-profit organizations NPOs , and the country is host to a number of national, regional, and international organizations. NPOs interacting with foreign grant makers are most commonly constituted as:. Qualifying organizations are exempt from tax on almost all categories of income. Individuals and legal entities are eligible for tax deductions for charitable contributions.

Associated Country Women of the World. Bel Foundation. Belgian Development Cooperation. Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation. European Commission: EuropeAid. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. International Climate Finance is a UK government commitment to support developing countries to respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change. There is a clear moral imperative for developed economies such as the UK to help those around the world who stand to lose most from the consequences of manmade climate change.

International Climate Finance

Watch video. Every change starts with a powerful act Watch video. Read the document.

Funding opportunities

We work to improve food and nutrition security through effective partnerships, strategic development, and targeted use of funds.

Nonprofit Law in Uganda

The announcement includes contact information in each participating country. The closing date for applications is 22 March Applicants must be nationals of a developing country, and belong to a non-Japanese research institute or a non-Japanese university.

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