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To the south it is bounded by the Southern Ocean or Antarctica , depending on the definition in use. The Indian Ocean has been known by its present name since at least , when the Latin form Oceanus Orientalis Indicus "Indian Eastern Ocean" is attested, named for India, which projects into it.

It is an important source of food for many species. It impacts climate and weather patterns. And around 90 percent of global trade moves by sea. Yet that great expanse of dark, deep water is still a mystery. Only 5—10 percent of the ocean has been explored in detail.

Climate Change Indicators: Sea Surface Temperature

The World Ocean or Global Ocean colloquially the Sea or the Ocean is the interconnected system of the oceanic waters of the sea , and comprises the bulk of the hydrosphere , covering ,, square kilometres ,, square miles or The notion can be found in the root of the concept of ocean , though the contemporary concept of the World Ocean was coined in the early 20th century by the Russian oceanographer Yuly Shokalsky to refer to the continuous ocean that covers and encircles most of Earth. The unity and continuity of the World Ocean, with relatively free interchange among its parts, is of fundamental importance to oceanography. Plate tectonics , post-glacial rebound , and sea level rise continually change the coastline and structure of the world ocean. That said a global ocean has existed in one form or another on Earth for eons.

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Global mean sea level has risen about 8—9 inches 21—24 centimeters since , with about a third of that coming in just the last two and a half decades. The rising water level is mostly due to a combination of meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets and thermal expansion of seawater as it warms. In , global mean sea level was 3. From to , global sea level rose 0. Explore this interactive graph: Click and drag either axis to display different parts of the graph. To squeeze or stretch the graph in either direction, hold your Shift key down, then click and drag. The light blue line shows seasonal 3-month sea level estimates from Church and White

World Oceans

Click on map colored regions to see short summaries of scores by country. For countries with multiple and separate coastlines, EEZs were grouped based on country, latitude, habitation, and ocean basin. Figure 1. Nineteen 19 of the areas contain marine waters and all but one of them, Number 37, the Mediterranean Sea, contain High Seas areas. The Ocean Health Index analyzes areas 58, 88 and 48 with its Antarctic area and the other 15 areas as its High Seas area. Statistical area 37, the Mediterranean Sea, was not analyzed because EEZs of its bordering countries cover its entire area, so it has no High Seas component. Three statistical areas, numbers 58, 88 and 48 were analyzed separately as part of the Antarctic analysis.

Sea. Bengal. Tasman Sea. Bay of. South. China. Sea. Barents Sea. Ross Ice Shelf. ARCTIC OCEAN. Java Sea. Celebes Sea. Andaman. Sea. White Sea. Sea of.

Map of the World Continents and Regions

This graph uses the to average as a baseline for depicting change. Choosing a different baseline period would not change the shape of the data over time. The shaded band shows the range of uncertainty in the data, based on the number of measurements collected and the precision of the methods used. It is based on a combination of direct measurements and satellite measurements.

Ocean and Sea Borders

Remind students that, in addition to providing transportation routes, ocean s and sea s contain valuable natural resource s, such as oil trapped below the sea floor and fish.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean , body of salt water covering approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the world. It stretches for more than 6, miles 10, km between the southern tips of Africa and Australia and, without its marginal seas, has an area of about 28,, square miles 73,, square km. In the southwest it joins the Atlantic Ocean south of the southern tip of Africa, and to the east and southeast its waters mingle with those of the Pacific Ocean. The question of defining the oceanic limits of the Indian Ocean is complicated and remains unsettled. Bass Strait , between Tasmania and Australia, is considered by some to be part of the Indian Ocean and by others to be part of the Pacific. The northeastern border is the most difficult to define. The one most generally agreed upon runs northwest from Cape Londonderry in Australia across the Timor Sea , along the southern shores of the Lesser Sunda Islands and of Java , and then across the Sunda Strait to the shores of the island of Sumatra.

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Here is how to make your own pin map: •. We laminated our world map. •. We took Southern Ocean. Mediterranean. Sea. Caribbean Sea. South China Sea.

World Ocean

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Oceans and Seas and the Water Cycle

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