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List of United States military bases

These and additional reports can be found in the Construction Library. Your browser does not support JavaScript! The new guidelines advocate for implementation of a comprehensive master plan to transform installations both physically and operationally. Specific examples of transformative projects include the creation of walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods; higher-density developments; and more energy-efficient buildings. A working group of senior master planners from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps developed the new guidelines over an month period.

Development of the guidelines included extensive coordination with other architectural and engineering disciplines and review by senior installation leadership within the Pentagon. Such activities include: Emergency and routine repairs Regularly scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance tasks Scheduled repair or replacement of major facility components as needed to maintain the facility e. Facility sustainment efforts do not include: Activities related to Restoration or Modernization click the link for further explanation of this distinction, or refer to DoD Regulation For any given year, the sustainment metric is expressed as the percentage of the ASR that is funded.

For additional information on how individual facility sustainment costs are calculated, click here. The distinctions between Restoration and Modernization activities are as follows: Restoration activities intend to restore real property to such a condition that it may be used for its designated purpose. Such activities include repair and replacement efforts to renovate facilities damaged by inadequate sustainment, excessive age, natural disaster, fire, accident, or other causes.

Modernization activities involve the alteration or replacement of facilities solely to implement new or higher standards including regulatory changes ; to accommodate new functions; or to replace building components that typically last more than 50 years such as foundations and structural elements.

For further clarification on the distinctions of each term, please refer to DoD Regulation Demolition and Disposal of Excess Facilities DoD has made significant strides to strategically eliminate excess facilities from its property inventory. It is DoD policy that real property with no foreseeable military use or that is not economically feasible to repair will be disposed of in accordance with applicable law, policies, guidance, and procedure.

Construction provides guidance and procedures to implement this policy. Demolition and disposal of excess or obsolete facilities serves to: Reduce operating and maintenance costs Eliminate potential fire and safety hazards from installations Remove the potential for the unauthorized use of excess facilities Eliminate degraded facilities that detract from the overall integrity of installations Consistent with legal requirements, the Department uses situation-appropriate methods to eliminate obsolete, inefficient, and underutilized support infrastructure.

For example, DoD may demolish and rebuild or renovate an obsolete facility to satisfy newer operational or mission requirements. DoD Efforts to Reduce Excess Facility Inventory The Department aggressively manages a demolition program aimed at reducing excess and obsolete facilities on its installations.

The Department exceeded that objective, eliminating a total of Further, as part of a renewed effort to improve space usage, consistent with the Unified Facilities Criteria on Installation Master Planning UFC , the Components have identified an additional The Department will continue working with the Defense Components to develop and implement more effective and efficient methods of eliminating excess infrastructure.

Shuttering a building involves removing it from active use, disconnecting its utilities, and rendering it inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. Such procedures all but eliminate operating costs and keep unneeded facilities from being used for inappropriate purposes. For those reasons, shuttered buildings still ultimately need to be removed from installations. Cost limits for the leasing of rental housing and the criteria for the annual adjustments of those cost limits are also established under this legislation.

Factors considered in making such a determination include the need for military indoctrination, mentoring, or team building; operational or mission requirements; housing availability; and location. The Department strives to ensure permanent party UH meets minimum standards for size and configuration, privacy, safety and condition. Further, to be suitable for assignment or occupancy, UH should be furnished; structurally sound; and have food service options, adequate utility systems, and no serious safety hazards.

Military Family Housing The DoD has a responsibility to ensure that eligible personnel and their families have access to affordable, quality housing, that is consistent with grade and dependent status, and that reflects contemporary community living standards. The Department satisfies these housing requirements through either the allocation of a housing allowance or the creation of an appropriate housing facility through construction or renovation.

It is DoD policy to rely on the private sector as the primary source of housing for military families, unaccompanied officers, and unaccompanied senior-enlisted personnel stationed within the U. In the U. The Department maintains an inventory of housing for situations in which there is not suitable, available housing in the community. To determine whether the community adjacent to a military installation can accommodate military housing needs, the Military Services are required to perform a Housing Requirements and Market Analysis HRMA.

If an HRMA determines that the local community cannot adequately meet the needs of the military community, the Military Service may elect to address the requirement through a military construction MilCon project; leased housing; or use of Military Housing Privatization Initiative authorities.

Government-Leased Family Housing Section of title 10, United States Code provides DoD the authority to lease family housing in domestic and foreign locations near military installations. Leased housing is intended to be a temporary solution until a more permanent solution is approved. Service members who live in leased military housing in the U. Privatized Housing The Military Housing Privatization Initiative MHPI was authorized by Congress to attract private sector financing, expertise and innovation in order to provide housing for Service members faster and more efficiently than traditional Military Construction.

Under authority delegated by the Secretary of Defense, the Military Departments may enter into agreements with private developers, who are selected via a competitive process to own, construct, renovate, maintain and operate family housing on a military installation via a long-term lease.

Under the MHPI authorities, DoD works with the private sector to revitalize military family housing through a variety of financial tools, including direct loans, loan guarantees, equity investments, and the conveyance or leasing of land, housing, or other facilities.

Additional information on this topic can be found under Housing. Housing Referral Housing referral is the Department's primary means of helping Service members find adequate private sector housing. Since , DoD also has used housing referral services to ensure that Service members receive equal opportunity access to private sector housing. Each installation's Military Housing Office MHO uses a wide range of housing referral methods and tools to provide services similar to those provided by civilian real estate and relocation assistance agencies.

Under the program, the U. Government enters into partnership agreements with local landlords to offer Service members rental benefits beyond what other tenants might receive. Typical benefits include waivers of security or utility deposits; waivers of credit checks or application fees; and discounts on market rental rates. Army Corps of Engineers administers the program. Government strategy to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, stabilize the country's housing market, and improve the Nation's economy.

To those ends, MHA presents a variety of options to assist homeowners who may be having difficulty making mortgage payments. Additionally, MHA has program areas specifically geared toward Service members. Overseas Installations To implement its global missions, the Department of Defense maintains sites and installations in nearly 40 countries.

In addition to the previous roles of overseeing construction and maintenance of the worldwide inventory of facilities, Construction is also responsible for developing policy guidance and issue resolution regarding the disposition of facilities returned to host nations, consistent with U.

In addition, Construction oversees the processes for determining and reporting of residual value assessments of returned facilities.

Because many nations remain in a period of budgetary austerity, monetary payments for residual value are rare. As an alternative reimbursement strategy, Congress authorized the use of payment-in-kind PIK in lieu of cash payments. PIK is credit provided by a host nation that allows the U. PIK is agreeable to both the U. The requirement to seek residual value does not apply to temporary facilities acquired, constructed, or controlled by DoD in areas with no long-term U.

Both Residual Value and Payment-in-Kind negotiations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Host Nation Support In some instances, our allies help sustain regional and global security through their support of stationed U. Installation and operational costs are shared between the U. Direct cost sharing includes, but is not limited to, costs borne by host nations in support of stationed U.

Indirect cost sharing includes reduced or waived rents on government-owned land and facilities used by U. Current allies that contribute financial support include Germany, Japan, Korea, and Kuwait. Negotiations for host nation support are conducted on a case-by-case basis. Host Nation Funded Construction One of the chief methods through which host nations share the cost of stationed U. Forces Korea and U. Forces Japan through U. Pacific Command, endorsing the most mission-essential facilities and infrastructure projects.

JFIP was initiated in to improve the conditions of deteriorated U. It is a five year agreement Japanese Fiscal Years , that provides an annual funding contribution of no less than Under this SMA, the U. The JFIP does not fund construction of recreational, entertainment, or revenue-generating facilities; or projects that GOJ perceives are in support of offensive, rather than defensive, military operations. Construction projects for these programs are provided as in-kind projects, and include: Consolidation and realignment of U.

ROKFC cannot be used to construct, expand, repair, or manage recreation facilities such as clubs, golf courses, theaters, and bowling alleys. Forces in Korea into enduring hubs south of Seoul. The YRP agreement of relocates most U. Funds required for land, facilities, moving services, and other expenses directly related to the YRP are provided by the ROK government.

The relocations should be completed in The U. Projects for which NSIP provides funding include command, control, communications, and information hardware and software; logistics activities; harbors and airfields; training installations; transportation; and storage facilities for equipment, fuel, and munitions. Military Forces based in Europe Facilities that enable U. Congressional Reporting Because Construction is responsible for the fiscal oversight of over , DoD facilities, it is held to a high standard of accountability.

Consequently, the office regularly submits to Congress reports detailing the facility programs within its purview. ATL-Webmaster mail.

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Meanwhile, internal conflicts over issues such as U. Security Alliances. United States. Defense and Security. At the time, the United States was keen on using the alliance to bolster its strategic presence in East Asia. It faced a divided Korean Peninsula in the wake of the Korean War and a Cold War climate in which the Chinese and Soviet militaries were expanding their breadth and capabilities.

The establishment of military bases abroad enables a country to project power , e. Depending on their size and infrastructure, they can be used as staging areas or for logistical, communications and intelligence support. Many conflicts throughout modern history have resulted in overseas military bases being established in large numbers by world powers and the existence of bases abroad has served countries having them in achieving political and military goals. The British Empire and other colonial powers established overseas military bases in many of their colonies during the First and Second World Wars , where useful, and actively sought rights to facilities where needed for strategic reasons. At one time, establishing coaling stations for naval ships was important.

In this book Simon Duke provides the background to US basing in Europe, highlighting the historical factors behind the acquisition of bases in the individual countries, explaining the legal agreements that govern the US presence and identifying the forces deployed, their locations and the tasks which they carry out. In addition to the well publicized bases the infrastructure—those facilities that support, link and complement the larger bases and are thus an integral part of the US presence—is examined separately under the headings of command, control, communications and intelligence, and logistics. There are strong economic incentives for both superpowers to reduce the level of militarization in Europe, and in the aftermath of the INF Treaty their discussions are most likely to centre on conventional force reductions or cuts in short-range nuclear systems. The raw data assembled here meet the urgent need for accurate and unbiased information on US forces in Europe and the massive infrastructure which supports them. Simon Duke. Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN

REPORT s itself akers, ations s own s with pdf) U.S. Military Activities in Europe during the Ukraine Crisis: A Step Ahead of NATO. The U.S. and the Case for Permanent NATO Bases in CEE. growing demand for U.S. forces in other regions, predominantly in the Asia and Pacific areas, limit their.

List of countries with overseas military bases

The United States armed forces shall have the use of all public utilities and services belonging to, or controlled or regulated by the Government of Japan, and shall enjoy priorities in such use, under conditions no less favorable than those that may be applicable from time to time to the ministries and agencies of the Government of Japan. The Government of Japan undertakes to furnish the United States armed forces with the following meteorological services in accordance with arrangements between the appropriate authorities of the two Governments:. It is the duty of members of the United States armed forces, the civilian component, and their dependents to respect the law of Japan and to abstain from any activity inconsistent with the spirit of this Agreement, and, in particular, from any political activity in Japan. The United States may establish and operate, within the facilities and areas in use by the United States armed forces, United States military post offices for the use of members of the United States armed forces, the civilian component, and their dependents, for the transmission of mail between United States military post offices in Japan and between such military post offices and other United States post offices.

Agreement regarding the Status of United States Armed Forces in Japan

This is a list of military installations owned or used by the United States Armed Forces currently located in the United States and around the world. This list details only current or recently closed facilities; some defunct facilities are found at Category:Closed military installations of the United States. An "installation" is defined as "a military base, camp, post, station, yard, center, homeport facility for any ship, or other activity under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense, including leased space, that is controlled by, or primarily supports DoD's activities.

U.S. Military Dispositions: Fact Sheet

These and additional reports can be found in the Construction Library. Your browser does not support JavaScript! The new guidelines advocate for implementation of a comprehensive master plan to transform installations both physically and operationally. Specific examples of transformative projects include the creation of walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods; higher-density developments; and more energy-efficient buildings. A working group of senior master planners from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps developed the new guidelines over an month period.

March 23, — January 30, RS The United States maintains a global military presence to support foreign policy and military strategy. In some countries, presence is maintained continuously and service members are assigned tours of one to three years. In other countries, there may be short term deployments of units or teams in response to emergencies or training opportunities. This report describes the worldwide distribution of U. It will be updated quarterly. The table below is a snapshot of active duty military distribution compiled by the Department of Defense DOD for June 30,

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The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

How did Japan and the United States become allies?

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Agreement regarding the Status of United States Armed Forces in Japan

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For many people who live in Europe the presence of substantial US military forces is a matter of concern and debate. Apart from details of a few highly visible or.

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Location of U.S. Military Installations in the EUCOM Area of ities with more advanced militaries, for example, those in Europe and South.



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