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Introduction to AutoCAD

Terence M. Terence taught at the community college level for over 28 years. He has professional experience in surveying, civil drafting, industrial piping, and technical illustration. David A. Madsen - is the president of Madsen Designs Inc. David was an instructor and department Chairperson at Clackamas Community College for nearly 30 years. David has extensive experience in mechanical drafting, architectural design and drafting, and building construction.

David P. Dave provides drafting and design consultation and training for all disciplines. Dave has been a professional design drafter since , and has extensive experience in a variety of drafting, design, and engineering disciplines Dave has provided drafting and computer-aided design and drafting instruction to secondary and postsecondary learners since , and has considerable curriculum, program coordination, and development experience.

Jeffrey A. Jeff has professional experience in furniture design, surveying, and cartography and holds a degree in Natural Resources Technology. In his consulting business, Jeff uses 3ds Max to create renderings and animations for manufacturers and architects. Craig P. He has been teaching at Fox Valley Technical College since Craig has served two terms on the Autodesk Training Center Executive Committee now known as the Autodesk Advisory Board and chaired the committee in He has been working with Autodesk software products for more than 25 years.

He has presented on various topics at a number of Autodesk University annual training sessions and has been contracted to teach training sessions on Autodesk products across the United States.

Prior to his current position, Craig worked in the civil, architectural, electrical, and mechanical drafting and design disciplines. Ask your Educational Consultant about our new digital offers, perfect for both remote and on-site learning: www. Print this Page. Shumaker , David A. Madsen , David P. Madsen , Jeffrey A. Laurich , Jeffrey A. Laurich , and Craig P. Black Copyright: Online Text, 1yr. Subscription Instant Access.

Access Key Packet. Common Cartridge for LMS, 1yr. Online Instructor Resources, 1yr. Individual Access Key Packet. Please select a cart item or enter a item quantity above. Add to Cart. Introduction to AutoCAD 2. Drawings and Templates 3. Introduction to Drawing and Editing 4. Basic Object Commands 5. Line Standards and Layers 6. View Tools and Basic Plotting 7. Object Snap and AutoTrack 8.

Construction Tools and Multiview Drawings 9. Text Styles and Multiline Text Modifying Objects Arranging and Patterning Objects Grips, Properties, and Additional Selection Techniques Polyline and Spline Editing Tools Obtaining Drawing Information Dimension Standards and Styles Linear and Angular Dimensioning Dimensioning Features and Alternate Practices Dimensioning with Tolerances Editing Dimensions Tables Parametric Drafting Section Views and Graphic Patterns Standard Blocks Block Attributes Introduction to Dynamic Blocks Additional Dynamic Block Tools Layout Setup Plotting Layouts Annotative Objects External References Introduction to Sheet Sets Additional Sheet Set Tools.

Contents of Advanced Portion:. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Modeling Creating Primitives and Composites Viewing and Displaying Three-Dimensional Models Using Model Space Viewports Model Extrusions and Revolutions Sweeps and Lofts Creating and Working with Solid Model Features Mesh Modeling Advanced Surface Modeling Subobject Editing Solid Model Editing Text and Dimensions in 3D Model Documentation, Analysis, and File Exchange Point Clouds Visual Style Settings and Basic Rendering Materials in AutoCAD Lighting Advanced Rendering Using Show Motion to View a Model Cameras, Walkthroughs, and Flybys.

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Introduction to AutoCAD

AutoCAD allows the designer to use and manage it on multiple machines using network licensing. Being an easily available program, AutoCAD is used globally by students , teachers, architects, freelancers, engineers, fashion designers. The user works on the application through the commands, editing or drawing is done from the inbuilt command line. AutoCAD is issued free of cost to students, educators, and institutions. AutoCAD is globally used by surveyors, designers, engineers, drafters. Globally, AutoCAD has proven as an efficient and user-friendly program. AutoCAD software is recognized internationally for its remarkable editing capabilities, which make it likely to digitally draw building plans or recreate 3D images.

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Download PDF. AutoCAD and Its Applications: Basics is a useful tool for both classroom instruction and independent study. The heavily illustrated text not​.

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Terence M. Terence taught at the community college level for over 28 years. He has professional experience in surveying, civil drafting, industrial piping, and technical illustration.

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Topics are presented in an easy-to-understand. The heavily illustrated text not only tells you how to use AutoCAD, it also shows you how to. In addition to teaching AutoCAD, this text serves as a valuable resource once you begin a career in the drafting and design. Step-by-step use of AutoCAD commands.

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With AutoCAD and Its Applications—Basics, you learn AutoCAD commands and become acquainted the PDF version and write in the answers, or open the.

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Developed and marketed by Autodesk , [1] AutoCAD was first released in December as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers.