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The complete collection of the wonderful world of Calvin and Hobbes. Yukon Ho! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes: Paperback.

calvin and hobbes complete collection

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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Download the zip containing the CBRs if you want the untouched files straight from the maker. This collection compiles all Calvin and Hobbes strips from its year run, as well as as much incidental artwork and commentary as was available. Unlike any other collection floating around on the internet, these comics are scanned from the original books, not taken from a low-res website image and resampled to high resolution resulting in a blurry mess.

They are presented in the proper order with no missing strips. The comics are arranged into the originally published books with some carefully considered changes to format and order as presented below.

All comics were scanned at dpi with descreen enabled and then filtered in photoshop to remove dust and scratches so as to present the most solid color possible. Images were then scaled to fit on a x resolution page. The only way this collection could be improved is if it were scanned from a copy of the Complete Collection after taking apart the binding. This will not be happening unless an extra copy falls from the sky. This collection represents about 3 months of solid effort in my free time.

I do not consider it time wasted in the slightest. This collection is meant to be a high-quality collection of all of Bill Watterson's work related to Calvin and Hobbes.

It is intended for the true Calvin and Hobbes fan who has already purchased the books but would like a convenient digital format to carry them around with, or has had the book fall apart from too much love over the years. If you like Calvin and Hobbes enough to download this, then make sure you've paid for them. This collection may be redistributed but only in its original format and resolution along with this readme.

Artwork of Watterson's calibre demands the highest standards to preserve it in. For the most part, the original 11 collection books are presented in the same "spirit" of the originals. The following changes were made:. All of these are moved into Book M. These drawings were not in the two treasury volumes that collected these strips, nor did the appear anywhere in the complete collection except a colorized version of one.

This is also how the strips appear in the Complete Collection. This is how they were originally drawn and intended to be viewed. As this is the format of the later books, it gives all the books a similar layout and also accommodates the widescreen format of the cbr files better. This means that the books all still end with the same strip they do in the published versions. Sunday strips were scanned from 10th Anniversary book, the Sunday Pages book and The Complete Collection and when blurry from the binding were supplemented with panels personally colored from the Snow Goons black and white versions.

This means that all the Sunday comics are in color in book 7, but not as perfect as they could be if I had an extra copy of the Complete Collection to destroy and scan.

Calvin is climbing a ladder to a slide up in the sky. Said panel was scanned from the Complete Collection and replaced. As such, the font does not match exactly and there may yet be typos, despite my best attempts at proofreading. Reviewer: NathanLam - - October 7, Subject: Pages sometimes Glitch Sometimes when I just flip a page, it skips to a random page number but still remains the same page as it was supposed to be.

It's really annoying and confusing. Can you fix it? Reviewer: Anonymous - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 21, Subject: Looks good Is there a higher quality image of the first alternative comic?

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes # 02

Yukon Ho! Tying in with the aforementioned arc, Yukon Ho! Reviving an iconic comedian sequence initially released from to , this particular assortment brings jointly the mythical 4 problems with Anarchy Comics, the underground comedian that melded anarchist politics with a punk sensibility, generating a riveting mixture of satire, insurrection, and inventive experimentation. Internet Archive Books. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mit Zeichnungen — davon sixteen in Farbe.

Bill Watterson : TheAuthoritative Calvin and Hobbes before purchasing it in orderto gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all praisedThe Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes:. Itwas just what we needed. What can be said about how great this is that hasn'talready been said? HUGE tattoo and everything. I'm currently stationed in Korea andwatched the movie "Dear Mr. I realized I needed to getmy CH fix re-going. For the cost of having my wife send me a book Ijust ordered the digital copy and using it on my kindle App.

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Picking up where The Essential Calvin and Hobbes left off, Yukon Ho! is a delight! Yuko.

Calvin and Hobbes Collection #4

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[PDF] The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: a Calvin and Hobbes Treasury Full Pages

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Bill Watterson wrote a total of nineteen [a] official Calvin and Hobbes books that have been published in the United States by Andrews McMeel Publishing ; the first, entitled simply Calvin and Hobbes , was released in April , and the most recent, Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue , was released in February