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Virus and Trojan are two of many different malwares that are available on the internet.

To use this site, you'll need to enable JavaScript. If you aren't sure how, follow these instructions. Just a few include malware, ransomware, phishing, worm, and many more. Malware — This includes viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses.

Trojan Horses, Computer Viruses, and Worms

Pour une meilleure navigation, veuillez activer le javascript. All three of these terms are used to describe malicious software that has infiltrated your computer through the Internet. Once the malware enters your computer, it sleeps in your computer until its functions are triggered; the functions may vary depending on the type of malware. This is how computer viruses spread. Unlike viruses, most Trojans stay on your computer only. They cause damage, but they do not spread to other computers.

A Trojan is a piece of malware that stays in one place rather than spreading. A computer worm infiltrates your computer when you download a file or an email. The worm then clones itself and attacks other devices on your network.

The worm will infect your files, and will spread to the computers of people who you communicate with, in the same way that it infiltrated your computer. Spyware spies on everything you do: paying your bills online, watching online videos, using Facebook, etc. It compiles this information and sends it to a database that then affects your web browsing.

By using antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programs. You can purchase these programs or download them for free. Here is a list of paid and free programs that you can use to protect your computer. Note that Oricom Internet does not accept any responsibility for these programs and does not provide technical support for them. These options are intended only as suggestions. Kaspersky Antivirus : You can find this program in any computer software store; prices may vary.

It is an excellent antivirus program; it is always enabled and active on your computer. Kaspersky warns you if it does not trust a website that you are trying to access. It is also offered with a registry manager and parental controls. Norton Antivirus : The basic version of Norton Antivirus does an excellent job of cleaning your computer.

This program has been around for a long time, so its virus database is very comprehensive. In addition, when you uninstall Norton, it may cause problems with web browsing or with the installation of other software. McAfee Antivirus : The full version of McAfee works very well, but when it expires or you try to uninstall it, it may cause browsing problems and refuse to uninstall.

But for virus prevention, you should use an additional program because Avast does not scan your computer in real time, so it does not offer enough protection. Make sure not to let Avast expire, and make sure to correctly uninstall it in order to avoid problems with web browsing or with installing another antivirus program. In order to correctly uninstall Avast, make sure to find the Avast uninstall tool on Google. Avast : Adequate cleaning capabilities.

Avast is free for a certain period of time. When it expires, it can cause problems with web browsing and software installation because it has not been correctly uninstalled or renewed using the paidversion. AVG : Known as the original antivirus software. Used to be very reliable, but its database has been neglected for two or three years. A good solution if it is used in conjunction with Avast to clean your computer.

The free version of AVG does not include a firewall and does not scan in real time. So, a different antivirus program may be better at protecting your computer. Malwarebytes : The best tool for cleaning your computer; applies to both free and paid versions. Easy to install, does not run automatically so you can use it only when you need it. It has a very complete database and it analyzes your computer very effectively to clean viruses and malware. Strongly recommended as a cleaning tool if your virus prevention program fails.

Make sure that your equipment is secure; if you have a router, make sure that it is password-protected. Turn on the Windows firewall and use a password to log in to your computer. If someone tries to use your computer, they have to know your password. You can also use two antivirus programs on the same computer, but never run them at the same time. The best solution is to have real-time virus protection software such as Microsoft Security Essentials, as well as a virus cleaning program such as Malwarebytes, which you only use to scan your computer.

In order to avoid malware, always be aware of what you are doing. For example, do not open email attachments if you do not know the sender. If you receive a link from someone you do not know, do not click on it.

Delete the message. If you are not sure where a link or an email comes from or whether it is legitimate, ignore it and delete it. Some operating systems such as Mac OS X are less likely to be infected. Virus programmers primarily concentrate on Windows because it is the most common operating system worldwide.

Using a Mac may be a less risky option from an Internet security point of view, but its functionality is not the same as that of the Windows operating system. Viruses, worms and Trojan horses All three of these terms are used to describe malicious software that has infiltrated your computer through the Internet. Fee-based software Kaspersky Antivirus : You can find this program in any computer software store; prices may vary.

Free programs Avast : Adequate cleaning capabilities. How can I be sure that my computer is safe? The best form of security is being aware and alert about your Internet use.

An introduction to computer viruses: problems and solutions

Virus : Virus is a computer program or software that connect itself to another software or computer program to harm computer system. When the computer program runs attached with virus it perform some action such as deleting a file from the computer system. Worms : Worms is also a computer program like virus but it does not modify the program. It replicate itself more and more to cause slow down the computer system. Worms can be controlled by remote. Trojan Horse: Trojan Horse does not replicate itself like virus and worms.

Article Information, PDF download for Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses: Keywords computer crime, cybercrime, malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses.

Malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware

According to Webster's Collegiate Dictionary , a computer virus is "a computer program usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs or files, and that usually performs a malicious action such as destroying data ". Computer viruses are never naturally occurring; they are always man-made. Once created and released, however, their spread is not directly under human control.

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Malware a portmanteau for malicious software is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer , server , client , or computer network [1] [2] by contrast, software that causes unintentional harm due to some deficiency is typically described as a software bug. Programs are also considered malware if they secretly act against the interests of the computer user. For example, at one point Sony music Compact discs silently installed a rootkit on purchasers' computers with the intention of preventing illicit copying, but which also reported on users' listening habits, and unintentionally created extra security vulnerabilities. A range of antivirus software , firewalls and other strategies are used to help protect against the introduction of malware, to help detect it if it is already present, and to recover from malware-associated malicious activity and attacks. Many early infectious programs, including the first Internet Worm , were written as experiments or pranks. Malware is sometimes used broadly against government or corporate websites to gather guarded information, [9] or to disrupt their operation in general.

A program which is different from the specified specs one is said to contain a Trojan horse. The Trojan horse may be malicious. It is undecidable to decide whether a program is free of Trojan horses. Use digitally signed computer programs. If the environment was not trusted, known computer viruses may be in the digitally signed program and remain undetected unless virus scanners are used also. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, and Time Bombs: Prank, Prowess,. Protection or Prosecution? Anne W. Branscomb. Program on Information Resources Policy.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss various types of computer viruses, along with their characteristics, working, effects on the computer systems and to suggest measures for detecting the virus infection in a computer system and to elaborate means of prevention. The author undertook an extensive study and review of the literature available online and on relevant web sites on the present topic. A large number of viruses were found during the study, which are causing serious damages to computer systems. The author suggests ways to detect and prevent the different computer viruses.

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difference between virus, worm and trojan horse in tabular form

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Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses. • What are they? • How do they spread? • What can be done about them? Steven M. Bellovin. February 9.