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agile values and principles questions and answers pdf

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Agile is used in almost the majority of the organizations by now.

The 12 Agile Principles: What Are They and Do They Still Matter?

What is a test stub? Answer: A small code which mimics a specific component in the system and can replace it. Its output is the same as the component it replaces. What is Sashimi?

Answer: Sashimi is a Japanese word which means pierced body. Basically, it is a Japanese dish which consists of fresh meat or fish, sliced into thin pieces. Each piece is similar in taste when compared with the other pieces. What is a Sprint Retrospective meeting? Answer: This is mostly the last part of the sprint or may be done after the sprint review meeting. It generally lasts for hrs. Answer: Estimation of user stories on the basis of man-hours can be done but preferably not.

Moreover, you will concentrate on cost and budget of the management while using man hours. Instead of that, one can use story points, as it provides a complete idea about both the complexity of work and required efforts. Is it ever suggested to use waterfall over Scrum? Answer: If yes, explain when. Yes, sometimes it is suggested to use the waterfall model over Scrum.

It is done when the customer requirements are simple, well-defined, fully understood, predictable, and are not subjected to change until the completion of the project. What is a Daily Stand-up Meeting? Answer: Daily Stand-up Meeting is a daily routine meeting. It brings everyone up to date on the information and helps the team to stay organized.

What are the impediments faced 3. Reporting will be between peers not to Scrum Master or Product Owner. It is normally timeboxed to a maximum of 15 minutes. What is the lifespan of the scrum cycle? Answer: The project size and team size are the two main factors which determine the time length of the scrum cycle. The size of a team can be 3 to 9 members. Usually, it can be estimated that the time span of a scrum sprint of about 3 to 4 weeks on average. What are the disadvantages of the agile model?

Answer: Some of the disadvantages of using an agile model are as follows:. What does the X and Y-axis of the burndown chart? Answer: In burn down, chart X-axis shows working days and Y-axis shows remaining efforts. Project XYZ Here, in the image blue line depicts the ideal time suggested for completing the project. For example in a project ideally, 28 tasks efforts are pending on the starting day of the project.

And the project is scheduled to be completed in 20 days. So on the 20th day, zero tasks efforts should remain, which means the project should get completed. On the other hand, the red line depicts the actual task efforts given with respect to the days. Here on day 5, 7 tasks need to be completed as per planning, however, in actual only 4 tasks were completed.

Thus, it provides proper tracking down of the progress of the project and thereby helps in improving the efficiency and on-time taken to deliver the project. What are the main roles in the scrum? What are the places where Scrum and Kanban are used? Answer: When there is a need for shifting towards appropriate and prominent process then you use Scrum.

When you need to improve the process that is running provided that there are not many changes then Kanban is used. What are the most important agile Matrices? Answer: The following are the important agile Matrices. Velocity — To have a clear about your progress, capacity and many more keeping track of the velocity is important. It can be measured by adding all the estimates of the stories that are approved. Work category allocation — the work category allocation will provide a clear idea about where you are investing your time and also about the priority of the work.

Defect removal awareness — active members can produce quality products. The cumulative flow diagram — the uniform flow of work can be checked thought this diagram of cumulative flow.

Here the x-axis represents time and the y-axis stands for the number of effort. What does a scrum burndown chart comprise? Answer: A scrum burndown chart should consist of.

X-axis that displays working days Y-axis that displays remaining effort Ideal effort as a guideline Real progress of the effort. What are the artifacts of Scrum process? What do you know about Scrum ban? Answer: Scrum-ban is a Scrum and Kanban-based model for software development. This model is specifically used for the projects that need continuous maintenance, have various programming errors or have some sudden changes. This model promotes the completion of a project in minimum time for a programming error or user story.

What does the term scrum of scrums mean? Answer : There are 7 teams appointed on a particular project and let us consider that each team has got 7 members each. A particular team will conduct their own scrum meetings. In order to have coordination among the teams, another separate meeting is held and this is known as a scrum of scrums. The person who will present the team in the scrum of scrums is an ambassador.

In the meeting g the points that are discussed are:- After the last meeting how far the team has progressed. What do you mean by planning poker or scrum poker technique? Answer : The technique which is a card-based estimation based on a general agreement is known as scrum poker or planning poker.

Some features of it are What do you mean by the disadvantages of the agile model? Answer : There are certain disadvantages of the agile system which are discussed below. What is the role of the Scrum Master? The scrum master is responsible to serve and protect his team from any kind of distractions that could affect their performance.

The main role of the scrum master is to motivate his team to achieve the sprint goal. He is focused to build a self-organized and motivated team where each member is familiar with the implementation of Agile and Scrum principles and applications.

The scrum master keeps a proper check on the scrum team if they are executing committed tasks properly. He is also responsible to increase the efficiency and productivity of the team so that they can achieve the sprint goal effectively. Answer: This is one of the commonly asked scrum master interview questions. Consider a case to understand the meaning of the term scrum of the scrums.

Let us assume an active project on which seven teams are currently working. The number of members of each team is also seven. Each team is responsible to lead its own scrum meeting.

But, in order to coordinate and communicate with different teams, it is required to organize a separate scrum meeting. The scrum meeting organized to hold coordination between scrum teams is known as the scrum of scrums. There is one team leader from every team, known as an ambassador, who is responsible to represent his team in the scrum of scrums. What do you know about impediments in Scrum? Answer: Impediments are the obstacles or issues faced by the scrum team which slows down their speed of work.

Impediments can come in any form. Some of the impediments are given as Resource missing or sick team member Technical, operational, organizational problems Lack of management supportive system Business problems External issues such as weather, war, etc Lack of skill or knowledge While answering impediments related agile scrum interview questions remember that you may be asked the way to remove any of the mentioned impediment.

Name some methodologies and development where you have used Agile model? Answer : While answering this type of agile scrum interview questions, keep in mind to mention those methodologies that are familiar with.

Some of the methodologies and development where Agile model can be used are:. How do you know if you are using agile development? Answer: Whenever you are using certain things like Test-driven development, time-boxed task board, class responsibilities collaborators, daily stand up meeting, pair programming, continuous integration, reviews and much more… you will get to know that you are using agile development.

What do you mean by sprint retrospective meeting? Answer: Sprint retrospective meeting is the last part of the sprint. It is probably done after the review meeting of a sprint.

The whole teams along with scrum master participate in this discussion and it lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Answer : This question is to judge whether one is aware of the environment of the agile way of working. Here the answer is expected to cover few or all of below:. What are the responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

20 Agile Interview Questions (With Answers)

We aim to make you understand Agile as the software development methodology and how does it work, what are its principles, who all are part of it, what are the best practices, tools, and techniques to make the most from this method. If you are a software engineer, then despite being you are working as a developer or a tester, you should read these Agile interview questions. The theme of Agile methodology is to induce trust, encourage teamwork and get the work done. Now, get on reading the most important Agile interview questions for both the development and testing. Agile is a continuous software development methodology that is quite popular these days. It focuses on building the ability to the changing needs quickly and at the same time implementing it with ease. Each of these Sprints is of short time duration, which typically lasts from one to four weeks.

values and principles that were common to those methodologies. 4. An important Agile Manifesto value is that processes and tools are not consistent with an.

12 Principles of Agile Methodology

A lot has changed since the fateful Utah ski trip in that spawned the agile revolution. The mobile devices we use are continually getting more powerful, and expectations from users on what these devices can deliver are continually growing. The pace of change for developers has grown exponentially as a result, and really their work can only be accomplished by adopting agile methodologies. Even agile itself has changed: varying approaches for applying agile at scale continue to grow and evolve. No matter how agile practices and techniques evolve, the foundation for agile methodologies remains rooted in practices positioned to enable collaborative environments where diverse teams can continuously learn, improve, grow and produce.

Waterfall vs Agile project management : Former being plan driven and the latter being value driven. You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. And for the fifth time, the users and customers asked for specific changes. Which of the following BEST describes this situation? Explanation : Did this situation sound negative, like something was going drastically wrong?

Agile Principles and Mindset (PMI-ACP – Domain I)

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What is a test stub? Answer: A small code which mimics a specific component in the system and can replace it. Its output is the same as the component it replaces. What is Sashimi? Answer: Sashimi is a Japanese word which means pierced body.

Comprehensive Guide to the Agile Manifesto

Agile and DevOps have both had meaningful impacts on technology teams. However, in order to better realize business objectives, their next evolution must renew their focus…. In , the Agile Manifesto surfaced.

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What Is Agile Methodology – Know the What and How?

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