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You may need to comply with this code if you keep all ages and types of cattle, whether kept commercially or as a hobby. This code contains information and guidelines to provide minimum acceptable standards of animal welfare for cattle. The code promotes agreed animal welfare standards for cattle by defining acceptable cattle management practices, and encouraging considerate and efficient treatment and handling of cattle in all types of production systems.

Animal welfare and rights in India regards the treatment of and laws concerning non-human animals in India. It is distinct from animal conservation in India. India is home to several religious traditions advocating non-violence and compassion towards animals, and has passed a number of animal welfare reforms since

Section 1. It is the purpose of this Act to protect and promote the welfare of all animals in the Philippines by supervising and regulating the establishment and operations of all facilities utilized for breeding, maintaining, keeping, treating or training of all animals either as objects of trade or as household pets. For purposes of this Act, pet animal shall include birds. Section 2.

Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87

PART 1. Preliminary and General. Short title and commencement. Laying of regulations and orders. Disposal of moneys received by Minister. PART 2. Prevention and Control of Animal Disease. Application of Act to disease. Prohibition on farm animals straying. Disease eradication areas. Prohibition on spreading disease. PART 3. Animal Welfare. Duty to protect animal welfare. Prohibition on animal cruelty. Feeding of animals.

Prohibition on abandonment of animals. Prohibition on animal fighting, etc. Prohibited operations and procedures. Use of anaesthetics, etc. Protection of animals from poison. Inspection of protected animals and equipment. Records as regards intensive units. Welfare of animals during sale. Regulation of sale of animals to minors. Humane destruction of animal. Measures relating to animals in distress.

PART 4. Codes of Practice. Codes of practice. PART 5. Animal Health Levies. Animal health levies. Duty to pay levy before export of live animals. Animal health levy due and payable. Duty to keep records. PART 6. Destruction, Disposal, etc. Destruction and disposal. Limitation on compensation. Abatement of compensation. PART 7. Regulations Relating to Animal Health and Welfare. Animal health and welfare regulations. PART 8. Appointment of authorised officer. Functions of authorised officer.

Search of suspects and stopping vehicles. Assistance to authorised officer. Animal health and welfare notice. Appeal against animal health and welfare notice. Seizure and detention for non-compliance with notice. Search warrant. Obstruction and false statements.

PART 9. Local Authorities. Functions of local authorities. Default of local authority. PART Proceedings and Sanctions. Fixed payment notice. Evidence of laboratory analysis on certificate, etc.

Service of notice, etc. Costs of prosecution. Offence — body corporate. Summary proceedings. Presumption of ownership in relation to animals. Forfeiture — equipment, animal product, etc. Seizure of animals in connection with disqualification.

Forfeiture of animal. Person incapable of taking care of animals. Proof and authentication of certain documents. Animal Tracing Systems. Animal tracing systems. Census of animals. Animal Marts. Prohibition of unlicensed animal marts, etc. Grant of licences for animal marts, etc. Power of Minister to revoke or refuse licence. Appeal against refusal or revocation of licence. Regulations in relation to animal marts. Application Part Service agreements. Continuance of certain instruments.

Amendment of Certain Enactments. Amendment of Animal Remedies Act Amendment of section 17 of Dog Breeding Establishments Act Amendment of sections 12 and 15 of Welfare of Greyhounds Act Matters in respect of which Animal Health and Welfare Regulations may be made. Agricultural Products Regulation of Import Act Agriculture Appeals Act Air Navigation and Transport Amendment Act Animal Remedies Act Arbitration Act Bee Pest Prevention Ireland Act Bovine Diseases Levies Amendment Act Bovine Diseases Levies Act Broadcasting Act Captive Birds Shooting Prohibition Act

Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

The Australian constitution does not mention native animals. Responsibility for animal welfare is largely retained by the states and territories via a fragmented, complex, contradictory, inconsistent system of regulatory management. The problem this creates for volunteers undertaking the rescue and rehabilitation of native animals is complex. Capturing and rehabilitating wild animals goes against regulations. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to microchip, band, or mark an animal, making it almost impossible to monitor their survival. A minimum of 50, rehabilitated native animals are released back to the wild each year, with few checks afterwards to see how well or if they are surviving. Whilst it can be appropriate to rehabilitate and release injured native animals back to the wild, there may be moral, ethical, and practical reasons for not releasing hand-reared orphan native animals.

PART 1. Preliminary and General. Short title and commencement. Laying of regulations and orders. Disposal of moneys received by Minister. PART 2. Prevention and Control of Animal Disease.

Home Forum Login. Download PDF. Page 2 Information about this reprint This reprint shows the legislation current as at the date on the cover and is authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel. A new reprint of the legislation will be prepared by the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel when any change to the legislation takes effect. This change may be because a provision of the original legislation, or an amendment to it, commences or because a particular provision of the legislation expires or is repealed.

Animal welfare and rights in India

Take our survey to help us provide the best possible support to your small business during COVID and beyond. The review will begin in early and stakeholders and the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback through a consultation process. This review is separate to the Department's existing project to implement the recommendations from the Independent inquiry into the management of retired racehorses. Read more about the review. It places a legal duty of care on people in charge of animals to meet those animals' needs in an appropriate way.

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This Act may be cited as the Animal Care and Protection Act. 2. Commencement. This Act commences on a day to be fixed by proclamation.

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Listed below is a sampling of key animal research regulations for countries around the world.