Sous Vide Time And Temperature Chart Pdf

sous vide time and temperature chart pdf

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Following those meals, I looked back at the time-temperature chart that the Mellow's app creates and saves for each meal, and was surprised how gradually the temperature dropped in the cooling stage. Generally you are looking at the improper cooling down of LARGE quantities of gumbo, soup, and pastas as the main culprits of food poisoning outbreaks.

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Thank you so much for the chart. I'll hang it in my kitchen as a reference. Did you calculate the pasteurization info when developing the temperature and time settings?

Cooking Times & Temperatures

We all know easy rules like bake a turkey for 20 minutes per pound. And even though such methods are not fool proof, we feel comfortable because we have grown up seeing others cook that way.

Sous-vide is quite new, and it provides less visual and tactual clues to what is going on. With conventional cooking it is easier to see or feel if the food is cooked to your liking. With sous-vide cooking it is not just about time, but also about temperature. It allows you to achieve a much higher level of precision, but this also means that you have higher expectations. Since you have two variables time and temperature to consider, it takes a longer time to gain experience.

In this article I will explain how you can confidently choose the time and temperature to cook meat sous-vide. This will hopefully shorten your learning curve. To decide upon the time and temperature, you will have to take the following factors into account:. This category includes all intact muscle meat of farmed animals except for poultry. Examples are:. Because it is tender and does not need to be pasteurized, you only need to put it in the sous-vide long enough for the core temperature to reach the desired doneness.

But you do need to sear it before or after sous-vide cooking to kill any pathogens that may be on the outside of the meat. For the time you need to realize that if you put cold meat in the warm water of a sous-vide, it will take time for the heat to diffuse into the meat.

It depends on the thickness and shape how long this will take. The graph above shows a typical pattern of how the core temperature of a piece of meat inside a sous-vide at 55C rises temperature in Celcius on the vertical axis, time in minutes on the horizontal axis. As you can see, the temperature rises more quickly at first, because then the difference between the cold meat and the warm water is larger, and thus the heat diffusion is stronger.

When the core of the meat has almost reached the temperature of the water, the core temperature rises only slowly. In the graph you can see that after 30 minutes it is already at 52 degrees, but it will take more than an hour to get above Another thing to keep in mind is that the heating time is a quadratic function of the thickness. That means if the meat is twice as thick, it will take four times as long to heat it through.

For instance a slab of 2. The thermal diffusion mathematics to calculate how much time it will take for the core of the food to get close to the water temperature are quite complicated, so it is best to use a chart for this purpose, such as the one below. The time depends on the thickness and the shape: slab like a steak , cylinder like a sausage or sphere like a ball or cube.

The times are starting from refrigerated meat. Frozen will take longer. You may note that these times are shorter than in some other sources. Together that makes quite a difference. If you leave it in longer, the meat will slowly become more tender. You can usually leave it in for hours before it becomes too tender mushy. For very tender types of meat like tenderloin additional tenderization is not beneficial, but I like to give rack of lamb or ribeye steak a few hours extra to make it more tender.

If there is a risk that the meat has been contaminated with pathogens, it should be pasteurized. This means that after heating all the way through, it should be kept longer at that temperature for pasteurization to occur. This risk is generally present with poultry and wild game, or with ground meat. The most common examples for tender poultry are chicken breast, turkey breast and duck breast.

I like to keep duck breast a bit longer than needed to heat through and pasteurize, to tenderize it a bit more. With sous-vide you can cook a hamburger medium rare pink inside and still pasteurize it, so it will be safe to eat. Examples are venison loin , pigeon breast , pheasant breast , partridge breast.

As mentioned before, it is fine to keep it in the sous vide some hours longer than the time indicated. Only after a lot more time the meat will become too tender. For convenience, I have calculated the total time for pasteurization for some common temperatures and sizes. Tough meat has a lot of connective tissue and is traditionally used in stews and braises. To cook tough meat such that will become tender but still be medium rare or medium is something that is only possible with sous-vide.

The advantage is that the meat will be more flavorful and less expensive than buying tender meat. It can take a long time in the sous-vide, but as meat does not require any attention while it sits in the sous-vide that is not really an issue. It just requires some planning, and you can cook it in advance and then refrigerate or freeze it, and then reheat when needed for reheating times, see the instructions for tender meat. The time ranges from 8 hours to 4 days, again depending on the type of meat.

Here are some examples:. Because the cooking times are so long, the meat is always pasteurized. The cooking times are not very precise, a couple of hours more or less does not make a lot of difference.

This is more like a stewed or braised texture, but compared to traditional stove-top or oven methods with sous-vide the results are more consistent and more juicy. The meat will require 18 to 24 hours to become pullable. This is great for:. You can increase the temperature to shorten the cooking time and make the texture even more flaky, but at the cost of the loss of juices.

To make up for the loss of juices, some melted duck fat is mixed with the strands of meat. If you cooked some type of meat sous-vide and you are not happy with the result, this is how you adjust the cooking time or temperature the next time you prepare that same type of meat. For further reading, check out these blogs about juiciness , tenderness , and succulence, appearance, and flavor of meat. Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on Sous-Vide with all of us.

Like Like. Hope you are having a happy break!!! Such a timely and excellent resource, Stefan. I wish I had had this a few weeks ago when I attempted a fail a F 12 hr duck confit that turned out like liver. I think a next step would be a spreadsheet or app in which one could input the variables of weight, thickness, cut and be returned a temperature and time. This may be a project I might work on once I get more comfortable with my sous vide machine.

The science of meat is truly amazing. Even after many years, I still feel I am just starting the journey. Thanks, Stefan, for an outstanding resource to which I return often as I gain experience in sous-vide cooking. You always provide a solid point of departure. Very best wishes, Ed. Dear Stefan, thanks a lot for your contributions.

I red more of them. They are well logically written and explained. Your methods look to be very scientific. I guess this is exactly, what I was looking for.

Best wishes, Andrej. I have a cylindrical pork roast that measures 2. On which dimension do I base my timing, the larger or smaller? Thanks for all your great experiments, advice, and most of all, your recipes!

Thanks Lisa. The minimum time is somewhere in between, but closer to the 3. Using the 3. In my area it is typically the cut of beef that is discounted and budget-friendly. Thank you. Hi Joe, I am very sorry for only responding to this now. However, the time needed for it to become tender will depend a lot on the source of the meat. So you will have to experiment a little to find out. What I often do is to vacuum seal some bite size pieces separately to taste while the larger piece is cooking.

As soon as the small piece is tender enough, the large piece can be taken out as well perhaps after a few hours if the large piece is very thick and thus has needed a significant amount of time to be heated through. So interesting Stefan. I have been using my sous vide for some years and just love it and all your comments have been a great help.

Keep up the good work. Very resourceful article which could be considered as sous vide for Dummies and a nice handbook for any level of cooks. Thank you for the article. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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sous vide temperature chart pdf

No matter how we? All food handlers should receive proper training on cooking temperatures. Select the correct temperatures and cooking time for the food type and thickness. Whereas perfectly poaching an egg is a difficult and noteworthy achievement in traditional cooking, you can perfectly poach a dozen eggs sous vide with your eyes closed. Use a thermometer to check temperatures. In our test kitchen we're always developing new recipes and working on new techniques for that perfect piece of meat. Sous vide cooking is a fool-proof way to bring a given food to its perfectly cooked temperature.

Cooking time:. Cooking time: About 1 hr. Sign In. United States. United Kingdom. Sous Vide.

You can find delicious sous vide recipes on our blog; like this spring risotto. Distinctive dishes are precisely prepared, using fresh ingredients. Culinary Physics This site do not endorse any commercial You can also get a printable version of this accurate sous vide temperature guide for easy reference. Privacy Policy Sous vide cooking is a fool-proof way to bring a given food to its perfectly cooked temperature. When you cook something sous vide, food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag in a water bath at precise temperatures, often well below the boiling point. The following sous vide cooking charts provide the corresponding target temperatures for your desired doneness, and the recommended cooking times are provided by food type. Molecular Gastronomy blog specializing in molecular gastronomy recipes-food Great to have right on the side of your fridge for trouble-free use.

Anova Sous Vide Time & Temperature Guide

Think perfectly medium-rare steak, super-juicy chicken breast, ridiculously flavorful veggies… and so much more. Each dish has been tested extensively to deliver you down-to-the-degree recommendations, so you never have to worry about overcooked, mediocre results ever again. Finish chicken by drying well and cooking skin side-down in a moderately hot skillet with a little vegetable oil.

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We all know easy rules like bake a turkey for 20 minutes per pound. And even though such methods are not fool proof, we feel comfortable because we have grown up seeing others cook that way. Sous-vide is quite new, and it provides less visual and tactual clues to what is going on. With conventional cooking it is easier to see or feel if the food is cooked to your liking. With sous-vide cooking it is not just about time, but also about temperature.

sous vide temperature chart pdf

My book, Sous Vide for the Home Cook , came out in You can order the second edition directly from the US or UK publisher. My book has over delicious recipes for beef, pork, lamb, game, chicken, turkey, duck, fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, legumes, ice cream bases, sauces, and yogurt.

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