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Nonlinearity, Bifurcation and Chaos - Theory and Applications. During the mechanical design and development of technical systems for power plants, in civil engineering, aerospace or mechanical engineering increasing demands are made concerning the performance, weight reduction and utilization of the material. The consequence is that the dynamical behaviour and the occurrence of vibrations of the load carrying parts, the so-called primary structures are becoming more and more important.

The aim of the course is to understand and determine the magnitude of vibration and modal characteristics of a structural system. There are two routes to achieve this goal:. The single degree of freedom SDoF model studied in vibration course enables us to understand the fundamental concepts of free and forced vibration, natural frequency, resonance and damping. However in MDoF systems, resonance may occur at a number of different frequencies, each of which corresponds to a different pattern or shape of the system's motion.

Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis

Authors: M. Ahmed , F. This paper focuses on the dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete RC slabs. Therefore, the theoretical modal analysis was performed using two different types of boundary conditions. Modal analysis method is the most important dynamic analyses.

The analysis would be modal case when there is no external force on the structure. By using this method in this paper, the effects of freely and simply supported boundary conditions on the frequencies and mode shapes of RC square slabs are studied. ANSYS software was employed to derive the finite element model to determine the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the slabs.

Then, the obtained results through numerical analysis finite element analysis would be compared with the exact solution. The main goal of the research study is to predict how the boundary conditions change the behavior of the slab structures prior to performing experimental modal analysis.

Based on the results, it is concluded that simply support boundary condition has obvious influence to increase the natural frequencies and change the shape of the mode when it is compared with freely supported boundary condition of slabs. This means that such support conditions have the direct influence on the dynamic behavior of the slabs.

Thus, it is suggested to use free-free boundary condition in experimental modal analysis to precisely reflect the properties of the structure. By using free-free boundary conditions, the influence of poorly defined supports is interrupted. Commenced in January Frequency: Monthly. Edition: International.

Paper Count: Mohammad Abstract: This paper focuses on the dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete RC slabs. Dutta, and P. Mokhatar, and R.

International Journal of Integrated Engineering, vol. Mokhatar, Y. Sonoda, and , Z. Kabeyasawa, H. Shiohara, S. Otani, and H. Pinho, and A. Silva, and N. Thesis, Faculty of Engineering, Menofia University, Roylance, Finite Element Analysis. February 28, Martins, J. Cordioli, and R. Blevins, Formulas for natural frequency and mode shape.

Krieger Pub. California ,

Modal Analysis and Modal Testing

Morteza Farrokhnia; Farzad A. Shirazi; Maryam Mahnama; Mohammad Mahjoob. Toggle navigation. Articles in Press Current Issue. Journal Archive. Volume 5 Issue 2.

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Theoretical and Experimental. Modal Analysis. Edited by. Nuno Manuel Mendes Maia and. Julio Martins Montalvao e Silva. Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal.

Theoretical And Experimental Modal Analysis Maia

Identification of modal parameters for complex structures by experimental modal analysis approach. Advances in Mechanical Engineering , Vol. In this research, we have proposed a methodology for experimental identification of modal parameters based on measurement of the frequency responses of structures with complex geometries and performed an overall investigation of structural behavior on a funnel-shaped inlet of magnetic resonance tomograph.

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Modal Analysis

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PDF | The need of a better understanding of the dynamic behavior of Theoretical and experimental modal analysis of a cantilever steel beam with a tip mass 3 Maia, N. M. M. and Silva, J. M. M. Theoretical and experi-.

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Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis · Nuno Maia · J. M. M. Silva · Wai Ming To.



Analysis}, author={Nuno Maia and J. M. M. Silva and Wai Ming To}, year={} }​. [PDF] Theoretical and Experimental Modal. Analysis This paper presents.



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