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Return to: Programs of Study. The major consists of four distinct parts. First, students acquire an understanding of the content of environmental studies. Second, students examine the process of education for an environmental perspective. Third, students investigate ways of applying environmental education content and techniques in the professional roles they may pursue. Fourth, students participate in internships, a field practicum, or research. Are you excited about teaching people about the environment?

Environmental communication is "the dissemination of information and the implementation of communication practices that are related to the environment. In the beginning, environmental communication was a narrow area of communication; however, nowadays, it is a broad field that includes research and practices regarding how different actors e. Environmental communication also includes human interactions with the environment. From the perspective of practice, Alexander Flor defines environmental communication as the application of communication approaches, principles, strategies, and techniques to environmental management and protection. Environmental Communication, breaking off from traditional rhetorical theory, emerged in the United States around the s. Since then, environmental communication theory has reached multiple milestones including the creation of the journal of environmental communication in As an academic field, environmental communication emerged from interdisciplinary work involving communication , environmental studies , environmental science , risk analysis and management, sociology , and political ecology.

Whether teaching people about their part in creating sustainable agricultural and environmental systems, or helping employees learn a new skill, graduates in Agricultural and Environmental Education AEE are prepared for these challenges. The AEE curriculum allows students to explore a diversity of agricultural and environmental topics. The major is designed to help students understand basic and advanced concepts in both the natural and social sciences. The program's focus on real-world activities and hands-on training makes it excellent preparation for those interested in entering professional careers that merge the social and natural sciences in agricultural and environmental contexts. Majors in agricultural and environmental education are prepared for a broad range of careers in the agricultural and environmental sciences where social, interpersonal, communication and teaching skills are needed.

Volume 61 - Number 4 - 2020

Silva dos Santos, M. Animals in environmental education: Assessing individuals' emotional reactions to interactions with wildlife. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61 4 , 61 Environmental education EE programs, when combined with human-wildlife interactions HWI , can trigger emotions, an essential part of attitudes that influence pro-environmental behaviors PEB. We used participant observation and a post-event evaluation survey to investigate emotional response to HWI among participants from marine educational programs at the University of Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium, Savannah, GA.

Environmental communication

Email Twitter Facebook Linked In. Online courses combined with intense small-group residencies, held on-campus. Learn more Are you ready to cultivate your own particular mastery at this watershed moment in human history?

Agricultural and Environmental Education

Environmental education EE refers to organized efforts to teach how natural environments function, and particularly, how human beings can manage behavior and ecosystems to live sustainably.

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Students in the EEC track learn how to teach and communicate environmental issues to diverse audiences using a variety of methods.

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Request PDF | Environmental Education & Communication for a Sustainable World: Handbook for International Practitioners | This document targets.

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Emphasis is placed upon developing competencies in integrating environmental education, communication and outreach into curriculum and program development.