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Common Building Defects. Causes, Types, and Examples

Login Now. The primary source and causes of deterioration and decay in structures and buildings can be listed as follows:. Reaction of the structure, external fabric, finishes and cladding to the atmospheric elements such as:. Failure of client, builder, designer or architect to reject sub-standard materials. Similar condition to those given above for faulty material can lead to deterioration and decay of the fabric, services or finishes of the structure of building. Find answer to specific questions by searching them here.

Building Maintenance Technology pp Cite as. Building demands many skills in planning, design and construction, and the selection and use of many materials and techniques. After the building is completed, it has to meet various requirements, withstand the rigours of the climate and, at the same time, it is expected to last for many years, preferably with minimal maintenance. It is not surprising that defects and failures occur frequently. Consideration must be given, therefore, at every stage of the building process, of ways of reducing the incidence of defects and prolong the durability of the building. Unable to display preview.

Home buyers certainly have a lot to consider when purchasing a new property, no matter how experienced you are. Before you decide to purchase a property it is important to investigate and understand the real condition of the dwelling and remember, even modern or recently constructed properties can have defects which may present costly repair bills. To help identify potential structural problems before making an offer, a building inspection report conducted by a registered architect or qualified building inspector is worth considering, and could prove to be money well spent. The benefit of using an architect or building inspector rather than carrying out your own maintenance checks is that these professionals are independent, qualified and provide a thorough condition report on all aspects of the property. A building inspection report will provide a complete assessment on the condition of the property and clearly identify any immediate or short term risks, as well as providing an estimation of the likely cost of repairs. It is good to have this information ahead of time so you can consider the costs of any necessary repairs in light of the purchase price, and potentially use the report as the basis to negotiate a lower purchase price.

Defects and Deterioration in Buildings 2nd Edition

Concrete structures deteriorate with time, typically as a result of the environment they are in. These duties to eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks therefore require designers to pay attention to durability and the potential for deterioration. Deterioration can result from inadequate design or construction, operational accidents, aggressive environments, loading, fire, aging processes or any combination of these. An article summarising the impact of a range of deterioration and defects on the safety and service life of concrete structures is available by clicking here. These include:.

Common building defects

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Preparing the second edition of a technical book is always interesting because the alterations that are necessary indicate the amount of progress that has been made since the preparation of the first edition. However, with this book there seem to have been few significant technical developments since I wrote the first edition about 10 years ago and alterations are now necessary mainly for other reasons, particularly changes in regulations and standards, although I am also pleased that I have been able to introduce several improvements and simplifications in the methods used to diagnose defects and deterioration in buildings. I have also expanded some of the scientific explanations as I understand from users of the first edition that they have found these interesting and helpful.

Several buildings last for decades without any significant defects while many others start developing defects after few years of completing construction, which eventually leads to building deterioration. Physical deterioration of the building reduces its ability to perform its intended function while environmental condition influences the comfort and health of occupants. Numerous studies have been conducted to identify the physical and environmental defects separately that influence the building performance during its life time.

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Chapter one 1. Chapter two-- Literature Review 2. In development extends the nature and kind of imperfections can fluctuate strikingly, as can the time when they end up plainly clear or promptly saw Outlaw, Building imperfection jumps out at either the new building or the old ones. Then the more established structures, or working out of guarantee period, may not consent to these gauges but rather should be judged against the standard at the season of development or renovation. Corridor

Due to ageing and natural deterioration of the building fabric, many common types of defects are found on buildings. Some of the defects may affect the structural safety of the buildings while most of them are localized and non-structural in nature. Building owners or occupants should always be aware of the condition of their buildings. To avoid unnecessary panic, building owners should:. Building owners have full and ultimate responsibility to maintain not only their own premises but also the common parts of the building. Such responsibility is NOT released by just reporting the issues to the relevant government departments.

Defects and Deterioration in Buildings 2nd Edition

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Fully revised and updated, this edition, in new clearer format, covers developments in building defects, and problems such as sick building syndrome. Well liked for.

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