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Authentic Leadership: Speak Up and Stand Out

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. The text is well organized and follows a logical progression. As others have stated, a much-needed Ethics chapter is located prominently at the front of the book as chapter two.

All the traditional items one would expect to find in a public Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. All the traditional items one would expect to find in a public speaking text is present. However, given the dramatic changes brought about in it would be useful to have information on best practices of remote delivery. The is brief contents is easy to read and well organized. There is not a detailed Table of Contents.

The book is also missing a glossary. Again, not really a problem given that one can easily do an electronic search of the document instead. The book reads well and includes relatively current pictures and examples. The writing is unbiased and inclusive.

The content is accurate with useful examples. The book follows its own recommendation on clarity page by "using words that your audience will understand.

It keeps the information from being intimating or more difficult than it needs to be for an introductory course. It's an enjoyable read. There is visual consistency with how the chapters are arranged and presented. There is also consistency in tone and language. Reading through the book is pleasurable. The information is chunked into short sections with clearly stated learning objectives.

While it does make for many pages, I appreciate the spacing and headings. It's visually pleasing and easy to find concepts that one may be perusing to find. While the text is presented in a logical and progressive manner, that doesn't mean one can't easily teach the chapters "our of order" so to speak. For example, I prefer to explain the body of the speech before elaborating on how to develop a tailored introduction and conclusion.

Thus I teach "out of order" from the book chapters that proceed from Ch. Nonetheless, the order of the book makes sense and is very practical. There are no interface errors that I have noticed. The spacing and allowable white space helps keep this text reader friendly and visually appealing.

There don't appear to be any grammatical errors. This is a very professionally developed book. The inherent nature of quality public speaking requires the discussion and inclusion of cultural elements and current practices. This book does a nice job of addressing these concerns. For example, Chapter 2: Ethics in Public Speaking includes the NCA Credo to Public Speaking which helps set the tone and expectation for inclusiveness and cultural appreciation throughout the text.

To be clear, it's not an "intercultural" textbook. But it does address the very basics in regards to helping beginning speakers as they build awareness and understanding of audience analysis. No small task! The chapters follow almost the same sequence and information is as comprehensive making it a relatively easy switch for me. This sounds selfish in a way, but that can be a big challenge when trying to find an OER. It's nice when you can adopt an OER and not have to completely rework your course!

The textbook addresses the basic concepts of public speaking within a scope that is appropriate for and level courses and provides clear examples as well as useful exercises.

One notable feature is the appendix which provides prompts that One notable feature is the appendix which provides prompts that allow for synthesizing the knowledge gained within the chapters by assisting students with their first speech. I do wish that the textbook included more information on rhetorical appeals as well as a discussion on logical fallacies but overall, it provides a solid foundation for learning public speaking.

Theories and models are cited clearly and introduced in a logical manner. Communication scholars are referenced and applied appropriately. The examples within each chapter help to clarify the concepts introduced but are mostly broad enough that they don't seem dated. The more specific examples that were current at the date of publication, could easily be updated. Each chapter and section featured learning objectives, concepts, terminology, examples, and key takeaways consistently.

Chapter sections are divided into concepts incrementally, making them easy to align with assignments. The learning objectives are easily identifiable within the subsections.

The textbook is clearly organized with each chapter transitioning smoothly to the next. The foundation and framework for the text are established in a logical manner that scaffolds information in an accessible manner.

There are clear learning objectives and key takeaways. The textbook is easy to navigate and images and charts were legible. This was appropriately evident in the 'Visual Aid" section as the example charts and images could be understood clearly. Most textbooks fall short in this area of cultural competence. While the language was inclusive and some examples referenced culture, there is room for growth.

The text effectively covers the basics of Public Speaking, but it lacks both a glossary and information about fallacies. I liked the chart a student exericse about ethical issues as well as the comprehensive chapters on Communication Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. I liked the chart a student exericse about ethical issues as well as the comprehensive chapters on Communication Apprehension myths and how to reduce apprehension in particular and the chapter on listening. I didn't notice any errors in the book and the information was presented in an unbiased way to all students with references to "us" and "you.

The information contained in the book is up-to-date. Each chapter is organized with learning objectives and followed up with exercises and end-of-chapter assessments, so students know the relevance of the information presented and can they assess the knowledge they gained at the end. Easy to read and the use of supporting illustrations and other visuals was very helpful to get the information across to readers.

The use of language chapter addresses gender and ethnicity and more information about using inclusive language. While the text covers the basics of public speaking, I have looked at other OER Public Speaking oriented textbooks that are more appealing and user friendly to me. I would like to see the inclusion of a chapter about fallacies, although I could add supplemental materials myself to cover the missing information.

The big concern for me was that there was a brief mention of ethos, but no mention of pathos or logos, and little to no discussion of fallacy. These are vital components of the persuasive speech process, so I was looking for further detail. The information on PSA is a great start, but it doesn't speak to pinpointing the onset of anxiety prior to the speech act, which is something I always try to address. On the other hand, I found the text to be very comprehensive in regards to building the speech introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as in addressing outlining and resources.

The analysis tools will be very helpful for students, and the charts do an excellent job of illustrating options. The content is error free, and for the most part it is not biased. I did find some contradictions in how gender is represented that could be viewed as biased.

In the beginning, there is a clear warning against heterosexism, but the next time the author speaks to gender it is presented as binary.

The author specifically warns against this in the section on using language appropriately, but the gender section itself doesn't acknowledge non-binary people. The most recent example is from , which in itself is not a concern.

However, there are a number of places where the examples are identified as being recent, which can make the book seem somewhat outdated. The biggest concern here is that some of the links are no longer viable. Of these, some will redirect you, but the majority give an "oops, this page doesn't exist" style of warning.

There are also a few links, such as the one for VSOTD, that require users to pay to access the referenced information. It is clear in the text which sites would incur a fee at the time it was published, but be sure to check the links now and update them as needed. The book does a phenomenal job of breaking down the terms and making them easily understood.

There are a number of communication theories addressed throughout, and the supporting examples do an excellent job of illustrating these. Each time a new term is introduced, the definition and supporting examples are offered.

The Speaking Ethically sections do an excellent job of continuing the importance of ethics throughout the entire text. The book does a good job of scaffolding concepts throughout and calling back to previous chapters to build further upon presented information.

The only lack of consistency was the previously noted contradiction in how gender is addressed in a binary way in some places but as non-binary in others. I appreciate that each chapter is broken into subsections, which will make it easy for me to pick and choose which pieces I want and assign them in a different order. The Key Take Aways, Exercises, and Speaking Ethically sections were particularly valuable, and did an excellent job of breaking down the sections in accessible pieces.

The text is set up in such a way that you should ideally read all the way through prior to presenting. While this is common among public speaking texts, I do not think it is realistic for the classroom. You will need to rearrange the content unless you are planning to have your students present all of their speeches in the final weeks of the term. Outside of this, it is organized in much the same way that a speech is developed, which is ideal. There were a few places where the print appeared to be cut off or a smaller size font at the bottom of the page, but this was very minor.

The exercises are listed all numerically, but the answer key provides the letter for the correct response, which can be a bit confusing. Some of the links to external websites are broken, but the majority worked as intended.

[Read PDF] Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed Ebook

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Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed Loretta Malandro

She makes no excuses for this. Anne is one of only a few women in the NFL with that title and knows of only one other doing the work she does, negotiating player contracts. Authentic leaders are genuine, transparent and trustworthy. They reveal and abide by their core values. They walk the talk.

Author: Lois P. Narrator: Lois P. Unabridged: 10 hr 22 min. Format: Digital Audiobook. Publisher: Hachette Audio.

Must Have PDF Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed

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Ebook Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed Full Online

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Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed by Loretta Malandro

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Speak Up, Show Up, and Stand Out: The 9 Communication Rules You Need to Succeed - Kindle edition by Malandro, Loretta. Download it once and read it on.

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