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Whether you are a medical or dental applicant, you have probably heard of multiple mini interviews MMI and are aware that they are a somewhat new interview method used in the admissions process that have become increasingly popular in the past years.

50 Common Medical School Interview Questions

Interviewers are constantly coming up with new styles of questions. We have set out one this page a comprehensive list of medical school interview questions, all of which were asked over the past year at medical school interviews. Take us through your personal statement. Why do you want to be a doctor?

What do you want to achieve in medicine? What have you read or experienced in order to prepare you for medicine? Why do you believe you have the ability to undertake the study and work involved?

Why do you want to be a doctor, rather than another profession that is caring or intellectually challenging? What do you think being a doctor entails, apart from treating patients?

What branch of medicine do you think would interest you? When you think about becoming a doctor, what do you look forward to most and least? What impact do you hope to make in the field of medicine? What one question would you ask if you were interviewing others to study medicine? What would you most like us to ask you in this interview? Why study medicine rather than any other health care profession?

How do you think medicine differs from other health professions? What aspect of healthcare attracts you to medicine? If you were to become a doctor, how would you wish your patients to describe you and why?

What steps have you taken to try to find out whether you really do want to become a doctor? What things do you think might make people inclined to drop out of medical training? There are many different ways of helping people. Why do you want to study medicine, rather than working in any other health or social care professions? Can you tell us about any particular life experiences that you think may help or hinder you in a career in medicine?

How would you dissuade someone from going into Medicine. How old are you when you become a consultant? Knowledge of the medical school and teaching methods. What interests you about the curriculum at [Medical School]? What previous experiences have you had of learning in a small group setting?

When you read the [Medical School] prospectus, what appealed to you or interested you in the course here? Tell us what attracts you most and least about [Medical School]. What do you know about the course at [Medical School]? Why do you think it will suit you personally? What do you know about PBL? Why do you want to come to a PBL medical school? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a PBL course? I expect you have thought about problem-based learning. Why do you think a PBL course will suit you personally?

Tell us about 2 other aspects of the programme that will also suit you. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of coming to a new medical school? This course will require a good deal of independent study, how have you managed this approach to learning in the past?

Why do you think problem based learning will suit you personally? How does this PBL school differ from the others? What ways of learning work best for you? How does this fit with this medical school? Tell us about Hippocrates. Can you tell me about a significant recent advance in medicine or science? Why has this interested you?

Can you tell us about any significant medical stories in the media at the moment? Tell us about something in the history of medicine that interests you.

Have you seen a film or read a book recently that has made you think, and why? What do you think is the most important medical discovery in the last - years, and why? If a benefactor offered you a huge amount of money to set up a Medical Research Institute and invited you to become its director, what research area would you choose to look at, and why?

Can you tell us about a book or a film that has influenced you as a person or made you think, and why? What do you think was the greatest public health advance of the twentieth century? Can you describe an interesting place you have been to not necessarily medical and explain why it was so? Do you think putting a man on the moon money well spent? If yes - why? If no - how would you have spent that money?

Tell me about a non-academic project or piece of organisation that you were involved in. How did it go? If you had to have a gap year, and could go anywhere in the world or do anything, what would you chose to do, and why? If you could invite 3 people, alive or dead, to dinner, who would they be?

Give an example of a situation where you have supported a friend in a difficult social circumstance. What issues did they face and how dod you help them What does the word empathy mean to you.

How do you differentiate empathy from sympathy? Is it right for doctors to 'feel for their patients'? What thoughts and feelings might face someone offered alcohol to celebrate after receiving a liver transplant? A person with learning disabilities is regularly being teased by their neighbours. How might that affect them?

What do you guess an overweight person might feel and think after being told their arthritis is due to their weight? A friend has asked your advice on how to tell her parents that she intends to drop out of university and go off travelling. How you respond? A friend tells you he feels bad because his family has always cheated to obtain extra benefits. How would you respond? Team work Thinking about your membership of a team in a work, sport, school or other setting , can you tell us about the most important contributions you made to the team?

Can you think of a team situation where your communication skills have been vital? Tell us about the situation and your contribution. Tell us about a group activity you have organised. What went well and what went badly? What did you learn from it? Tell us about a team situation you have experienced. What did you learn about yourself and about successful team-working?

When you think about yourself working as a doctor, who do you think will be the most important people in the team you will be working with?

Who are the important members of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team? Are you a leader or a follower? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in a team? Do teams need leaders? Modern day health care is very much a team effort.

Please tell us a role that you have played in a team, and what you think you contributed. What do you think of nurses developing extended roles and undertaking tasks previously done by doctors?

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of nurses replacing doctors as the first contact person in primary care? When you are a doctor you will be working in a team. Who do you see as the key members of your team, and why? How will you help the team to develop? What do you think is the role of humour in team working. Give an example. Personal insight. What ways of working and studying have you developed that you think will assist you through medical school?

What will you need to improve?

Medical School Interview Questions

Read over sample questions and answer guides, all created by successful medical applicants, broken down into the main topics that are likely to come up in your Medical School interview. Access to these resources is completely free. A range of questions and answer guides, written by medics, covering your motivation for studying Medicine. A range of questions and answer guides, written by medics, covering your depth and breadth of interest in Medicine and how you demonstrate it. A range of questions and answer guides, written by medics, covering your knowledge of the Medical School to which you are applying. A range of questions and answer guides, written by medics, testing your creativity - key for applying to Oxbridge.

Mike Simpson 0 Comments. After all, nailing your medical school interview question is a must, particularly if you want to get into a highly competitive program. Plus, the admissions board is essentially deciding the fate of your entire medical career. The school you attend can open doors for you, which makes getting in the best one possible ridiculously important. Sure, the medical school acceptance rate is 6. So, take a deep breath and come with us on a journey… a journey to learn how to tackle those medical school interview questions with ease.

Interviews for medical school

This page helps you to prepare for medical school interviews. It explains the format they can take, gives examples of questions and offers tips on the interview itself. Why medical schools interview applicants interviews are another way to select the best students they assess the interpersonal skills that are important for medicine to verify and expand on what you have put in your UCAS application to give you the opportunity to decide on the right medical school for you. Interviews vary depending on the medical school, so find out as much as you can about what to expect.

Medical School Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewers are constantly coming up with new styles of questions. We have set out one this page a comprehensive list of medical school interview questions, all of which were asked over the past year at medical school interviews. Take us through your personal statement. Why do you want to be a doctor? What do you want to achieve in medicine?

Posted in: Pre-Med: Interview. This is a question that is often the most popular start question. These simple statements quickly lead down the wrong path! Instead, focus on your family, your upbringing, etc. This question is obviously going to be asked. Saying you want to help people is not enough.

Welcome to our database of Medicine interview questions with answers, updated for entry. We will be updating this database throughout the year with new Medicine interview questions and answers. The Medicine interview questions and answers are organised into themes. For each medical school interview question, we explain what examiners are trying to assess. We then cover how to approach answering each Medicine interview question and advise on common mistakes to avoid in your answer. Finally, we provide examples of competent answers to each medical school interview question. For a comprehensive guide to excelling in the medical school interview, our instantly downloadable medicine interview book, covers all aspects of the medicine interview from NHS hot topics to extensive MMI and traditional interview questions and answers.

Medicine and society. How do you see the UK's healthcare system in 20 years' time?

Why medical schools interview applicants

For full details, please click here. Even if you are naturally charming and charismatic, resist the temptation to wing your medical school interview. You will be miles ahead if you have already given any serious thought to common interview questions beforehand. Our list of classic medical interview questions represent all the questions an interviewer might pose from your decision to pursue medicine to your views on universal healthcare. The key is to think through your answers to the more difficult questions here before you walk through the door.

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Medicine Interview Questions

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