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Linear Anisotropic Materials

Even W. Hovig, Amin S. Improving the success rate in additive manufacturing and designing highly optimized structures require proper understanding of material behaviour. This study proposes a novel experimental method by which anisotropic mechanical properties of additively manufactured materials can be assessed. The procedure is based on tensile testing of flat specimens, manufactured by laser powder bed fusion LPBF at different orientations relative to the build plate. In this study, the procedure was applied to the Inconel alloy. Three identical specimen sets were built, each of which received complementary postprocessing treatments.

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Several applications wood, plants, muscles require modeling the directional dependence of the material elastic properties in three orthogonal directions. We investigate linear orthotropic materials, a special class of linear anisotropic materials where the shear stresses are decoupled from normal stresses, as well as general linear non-orthotropic anisotropic materials. Orthotropic materials generalize transversely isotropic materials, by exhibiting different stiffness in three orthogonal directions. Orthotropic materials are, however, parameterized by nine values that are difficult to tune in practice, as poorly adjusted settings easily lead to simulation instabilities. We present a user-friendly approach to setting these parameters that is guaranteed to be stable.

Another condition that can fit the anisotropic definition is the presence of different properties in different directions. A different chemical bonding in all directions is also a condition for anisotropy. A mineral can be considered as anisotropic if it allows some light to pass through it. The velocity of light is also different, and there is double refraction which means that light is split in two directions. In anisotropic minerals, double refraction can lead to either of its two possible types — uniaxial meaning one optic axis or biaxial two axes. Anisotropic materials are often found in different fields like computer graphics, chemistry, real-world imagery, physics, geography and geophysics, medical acoustics, material science and engineering, microfabrication, and neuroscience. On the other hand, isotropic materials or minerals have the uniform properties in all directions; isotropic materials are said to be independent in direction or manner.

Isotropic and anisotropic are two important terms widely used to explain the material properties in material science and crystal morphology in basic crystallography. In certain materials like crystals, the orientation of atoms is very important as it affects their physical and mechanical properties. Based on the orientation of atoms, materials are broadly divided into two classes namely: isotropic materials and anisotropic materials. The main difference between isotropic and anisotropic is that the properties of isotropic materials are the same in all directions, whereas in anisotropic materials, the properties are direction dependent. What is the difference between Isotropic and Anisotropic.

Orthotropic material

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There are two eigentensors for a linear isotropic elastic material; one is the deviatoric second-rank tensor, and the other is a second-rank tensor proportional to the unit tensor and often called the spherical or hydrostatic part of the tensor. The eigentensors of isotropic elasticity have many properties of physical and mathe-matical significance. In this paper a method of construction of the eigentensors for the anisotropic elastic-material symmetries is presented and applied to determine the eigentensors of each anisotropic elastic symmetry.

Isotropy vs Anisotropy

In material science and solid mechanics , orthotropic materials have material properties at a particular point, which differ along three mutually- orthogonal axes, where each axis has twofold rotational symmetry. These directional differences in strength can be quantified with Hankinson's equation. They are a subset of anisotropic materials , because their properties change when measured from different directions.

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This is termed “anisotropy” and most fiber composites are “anisotropic”. Materials which have the same properties in all directions are termed “isotropic”. Note.

Classification and characterization of electromagnetic materials

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Difference Between Isotropic and Anisotropic

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isotropic materials that have material properties identical in all directions, anisotropic material's properties such as Young's Modulus, change with direction along.