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Part A few details of differences in physical and chemical properties are pointed out where it seems appropriate.

Your organic chemistry course will cover many different types of isomers. Isomers have the same molecular formula but something about them is different. Geometric isomers, a type of stereoisomer, differ in their geometry or shape. Alkene double bonds occur between sp2 hybridized carbon atoms.

Cis Trans and E Z Geometric Isomers

E — Z configuration , or the E — Z convention , is the IUPAC preferred method of describing the absolute stereochemistry of double bonds in organic chemistry. It is an extension of cis — trans isomer notation which only describes relative stereochemistry that can be used to describe double bonds having two, three or four substituents. Following the Cahn—Ingold—Prelog priority rules CIP rules , each substituent on a double bond is assigned a priority, then positions of the higher of the two substituents on each carbon are compared to each other. The letters E and Z are conventionally printed in italic type , within parentheses , and separated from the rest of the name with a hyphen. They are always printed as full capitals not in lowercase or small capitals , but do not constitute the first letter of the name for English capitalization rules as in the example above. Another example: The CIP rules assign a higher priority to bromine than to chlorine, and a higher priority to chlorine than to hydrogen, hence the following possibly counterintuitive nomenclature.

These two molecules have different physical properties — different boiling points, melting points, reactivities, spectral characteristics and so on. We apply this to two stereoisomers which are non-superimposable mirror images of each other. They also have at least one substituent in common H. This stands in contrast to conventional sigma bonds single bonds in acyclic molecules, where free rotation is possible: witness 1,2-dichloroethane below left. Try kissing yourself on the tailbone. We saw that cis and trans fails in rings when the two carbons lacked a common substituent. It also fails for alkenes under these circumstances.

The traditional system for naming the geometric isomers of an alkene, in which the same groups are arranged differently, is to name them as cis or trans. However, it is easy to find examples where the cis-trans system is not easily applied. IUPAC has a more complete system for naming alkene isomers. The R-S system is based on a set of "priority rules", which allow you to rank any groups. The general strategy of the E-Z system is to analyze the two groups at each end of the double bond.

The E-Z system for naming alkenes

Chemists need a convenient way to distinguish one stereoisomer from another. What are they, what's the difference and when to use each case. Opening Essay. Higher atomic number atoms are assigned a higher priority. You need to know both styles.

E and Z Notation For Alkenes (+ Cis/Trans)

If you have come straight here via a search engine, you should be aware that this page follows on from an introductory page about geometric isomerism. Unless you are already confident about how geometric isomers arise, and the cis-trans system for naming them, you should follow this link first. You will find links back to this current page at suitable points on that page. Consider a simple case of geometric isomerism which we've already discussed on the previous page. You can tell which is the cis and which the trans form just by looking at them.

7.7: Sequence Rules - The E,Z Designation

At first you might say cis, because it appears that two ethyl groups appear on the same side of the double bond. However, the correct answer is trans. The rule is that the designation cis or trans must correspond to the configuration of the longest carbon chain. Tracing out the seven-carbon chain in the compound shown above, you change sides as you pass through the double bond:. In cases where two or more double bonds are present, you must be prepared to assign an E or Z designation to each of the double bonds. For example:.

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Alkene Reactions

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In the previous post, we talked about the cis and trans designation of alkenes.



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hydrogens attached an alkene the isomer may be labeled as cis- or trans-. are accepted when appropriate, but E and Z work for all Examples: Compound​.

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