Public Finance And Public Policy Responsibilities And Limitations Of Government Pdf

public finance and public policy responsibilities and limitations of government pdf

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There are many people who have contributed directly or indirectly to the prepara-, tion of this book. Ean: Exercises are included for each chapter. This comprehensive text on public economics covers the core topics of market failure and taxation as well as recent developments in both policy and the academic literature. The book covers the theory and methodology of public economics; presents a historical and theoretical overview of the public sector; and discusses such topics as departures from efficiency including imperfect competition and asymmetric information , issues in political economy, equity, taxation, fiscal federalism, and tax competition among independent jurisdictions. Buy solutions manual to accompany intermediate A solutions manual for all exercises in the second edition of Intermediate Public Economics.

Public Finance and Public Policy by Arye L. Hillman

South Africa continues to have the most transparent budget process when measured against 94 countries, including developed economies. Notwithstanding this achievement, National Treasury continues to improve the quality of information presented in the budget. This is meant to help those entities responsible for oversight, to ensure better accountability by those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing and spending public funds.

The Expenditure Planning unit designs and manages the South African national budget process and plays a central role in preparing and publishing the various budget documents. The budget decision-making process is a matrix that requires coordination across the three spheres of government and involves engagements with various committees, including Cabinet, to ensure that appropriate budgeting choices are made.

To assist with budget preparation and the publication of documents, the unit prepares budget process and requirement guidelines, which are issued to all government institutions. The unit represents South Africa internationally regarding budget reform matters, and works collaboratively with other institutions at the centre of government, particularly with the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation.

These statistics support the budget and its auxiliary processes. Further reforms to the Scoa were made for re-implementation on 1 April The purpose was to improve the quality of data and reporting capabilities.

Growing the economy means expanding business activity. Government recognises the key role that private companies play in the economy. During his budget vote, the Minister of Finance outlined several possible solutions to the investment and development challenges presented by business leaders. The proposals included:. Government encouraged businesses to keep investing in the economy, and seize available opportunities by reinforcing several initiatives that support business development, namely:.

Through a series of community practice sessions and manuals, the unit has also developed capacity within line departments to report on and manage ODA programmes.

In the past year, the South African government received R1,9 billion in the form of grants from bilateral international development partners. These grants support development efforts across many sectors of government. The budget took the National Development Plan as its point of departure. Government took measures to control growth in spending. Spending plans were reduced by R10,4 billion through reprioritisation, savings and a draw-down on the contingency reserve.

Government remains committed to a large scale infrastructure investment programme. A revised youth employment incentive was tabled in the House, together with a proposed employment incentive for SEZs. Government will also continue to build cash reserves and continue to switch from short-term to longer-term debt as market conditions allow. The contingency reserve has been reduced from R7,5 billion over the next two years to respond to spending pressures.

Government is committed to remaining within the expenditure ceiling set out in the budget. The Public Entities Governance unit implements the recommendations of the public entities governance framework review, and rolls out the budgeting framework for all public entities. The unit continued its efforts to enhance the regulatory environment for the governance and management of public entities from a range of perspectives, including the development of applicable remuneration frameworks.

All businesses have to report various suspicious transactions to the FIC. The research includes:. Government is required by the Constitution and other legislation to consult with the FFC on issues such as provincial and local government revenue sources, and provincial and municipal loans. Corporatisation has enabled the PIC to structure its investment activities and operations in a manner comparable to that of private sector investment managers.

In July , the Minister of Finance appointed a tax review committee. The terms of reference according to which the committee operates included evaluating the current tax system against internationally accepted standards, principles and practices improving tax compliance and doing away with base erosion.

It aims to provide a world-class, transparent and taxpayer centred service, ensuring optimum and equitable revenue collection. Its main functions are:. National Treasury is responsible for advising the Minister of Finance on tax policy issues that arise in local, provincial and national government.

The eFiling service allows Sars clients to request information, submit returns, make declarations and pay taxes and duties electronically. A mobile facility, which enables clients to access the eFiling service from a mobile device, was introduced in The modernisation programme has also enabled Sars to use advanced technology to improve compliance, manage risk and combat fraud and corruption. Sars is deploying an increasing proportion of its personnel in service and compliance activities.

A single, modern framework for the common administrative provisions of the various tax Acts administered by Sars was established through the promulgation of the Tax Administration Act, Act 28 of in July , which commenced on 1 October It eliminates duplication, removes redundant requirements, and aligns disparate requirements that previously existed in the different Tax Acts administered by Sars. The Act provides for common procedures across the tax products, and strives for an appropriate balance between the rights and obligations of Sars and the rights and obligations of taxpayers in a transparent relationship.

South Africa has a residence-based tax system. Residents are, subject to certain exclusions, taxed on their worldwide income, irrespective of where their income was earned. Non-residents are taxed on their income from a South African source. The liability of taxpayers is determined subject to the provisions of International Agreements for the Avoidance of Double Tax. An exception to the rule is the reduced tax rates that apply to small and micro-businesses.

The quoted or displayed price of goods and services must be VAT inclusive. A person who supplies goods or services is liable to register for VAT, if the income earned is more than R1 million in a month period, or when there is a reasonable expectation that the income will exceed this amount. A person can also register voluntarily for VAT, if the income earned from supplying goods or services for 12 months exceeded R50 PIT mainly focuses on the taxation of non-corporate income.

The main contributor to PIT is employment income from salary earners, and income generated from sole-proprietor activities. PAYE is withheld by employers from salary and wage income on a monthly basis, and reconciled biannually. Excise duty is levied on certain locally manufactured goods and their imported equivalents, such as tobacco and liquor products, and as an ad valorem duty on cosmetics, audio-visual equipment and motor cars.

Transfer duty is payable on the acquisition of property. The tax is withheld by either the institution paying the dividend or by a regulated intermediary distributing the dividend. The dividend-withholding tax replaces the secondary tax on companies. Each sector has its own Sector Education and Training Authority. The policy on tariffs applicable to the importation of goods into South Africa is set by the International Trade Administration Commission under the authority of the Department of Trade and Industry.

The duties levied on imported goods can be separated mainly into customs duties, which include customs duties ad valorem on certain luxury or non-essential items, and anti-dumping and countervailing measures.

However, all other national restrictive measures such as import and export control, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements and domestic taxes apply to goods moved between member states. The Sacu Agreement is in force and provides a new dispensation for calculating and effecting transfers based on customs, excise and a development component of the Revenue-Sharing Formula.

The Sacu heads of state and government endorsed an ambitious Sacu regional trade facili- tation programme that is focused on creating common information technology platforms to allow:. South Africa is automating most of its border processes to bring the country in line with the international standards of the World Customs Organisation and world-class immigration processes. Visitors to South Africa need to ensure that they are familiar with the list of goods and quantities that may be imported without payment of customs duty and VAT as well as those for which customs duty and VAT are payable.

This information is available on the Sars website. South Africa has tax agreements with over 70 countries. Formed in Uganda in November , ATAF is a platform for African revenue authorities to articulate African tax priorities, develop and share best practices, and build capacity in African tax policy and administration. The organisation offers technical training events on tax and also has working groups on: Exchange of Information; Indirect Taxes; and Transfer Pricing. ATAF has delivered various tax reform publications, as well as conducting research into these and other tax matters.

Sars introduced its internet service, eFiling www. The eFiling gateway is a secure and free service, enabling taxpayers to submit their tax returns online at any time. Not only can returns be submitted via the internet, but users can also make secure tax payments online. There is also a facility to apply for tax directives, which can be obtained within 24 hours. The eFiling service is equal to international standards, and comparable with services offered in the United States of America, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Chile and France.

The Taxpayer Education Campaign focuses on helping all eligible taxpayers complete their tax returns correctly, honestly and on time.

The emergence of illegal internet gambling raises challenges to the regulatory regime concerning when, how and what the framework of interactive gambling will be, and what the challenges are. The NGB maintains a national gambling database that contains information on national gambling statistics such as turnover, gross gambling revenue GGR , gambling taxes and levies, as well as returns to players and punters. Provincial licensing authorities are required to submit statistics to the NGB quarterly for consolidation and reporting on the national status.

The NGB has a legislated responsibility to educate the public about gambling and the negative socio-economic impact of the gambling industry on society. The National Responsible Gambling Programme NRGP is a resource that integrates research and monitoring, public education and awareness, training, treatment and counselling.

The NRGP has various operational components, such as public awareness and prevention, the toll-free counselling line, a countrywide treatment network for outpatient counselling and therapy, research and monitoring initiatives, training for regulators and industry employees, a crisis line service available to gambling industry employees and management, as well as the Taking Risks Wisely life-skills programme , a teaching resource for grades 7 to The company' lecence to operate the lottery expires in May These institutions are not part of government and do not have a duty to be part of the mechanisms of cooperative government.

The independence of the AGSA is, therefore, respected and strengthened. The AGSA also has an international auditing complement. In terms of the Constitution, it has been given an important degree of autonomy in the execution of its duties.

It has more than shareholders. Its shares are traded on the over-the-counter share trading facility managed by the SARB. The bank must submit a monthly statement of its assets and liabilities to National Treasury and an annual report to Parliament. The SARB has a unique position in the economy, as it performs various functions and duties not normally carried out by commercial banks.

Although the functions of the SARB have changed and expanded over time, the formulation and implementation of monetary policy has remained one of the cornerstones of its activities. The SARB publishes monetary-policy reviews , and regular regional monetary-policy forums are held to provide a platform for discussions on monetary policy with broader stakeholders from the community.

The main instrument for managing liquidity in the money market is repo transactions. The repo rate is the price at which the SARB lends cash to the banking system and is the key operational variable in the monetary policy implementation process. It represents the most important indicator for short-term interest rates. After each meeting, the MPC issues a statement indicating its assessment of the economy and announces policy changes, if necessary.

Chapter 12 Excerpt - Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture

Download this free sample [PDF]. This uniquely interdisciplinary combination of economics, political science, public administration, and accounting has seen an influx of innovative ideas and reforms that have sought to address some of the perennial challenges of managing public finances. To constrain the likely temptation to increase expenditure and spend, rather than save, in times of plenty, countries have introduced fiscal rules and fiscal responsibility laws. To help guard against over-optimistic economic and budgetary estimates, some countries have established independent fiscal councils. To shift the focus of decision making from how much money programs receive to the results they can achieve, many governments have introduced performance budgeting and management initiatives.

Preface to Public Economics 3rd Edition About the Author — Dr Peter Abelson. Part 1 of the book lays the foundations for a study of government and the economy. This involves understanding the political environment. However, just as politics is important to economics, so economics is important for government. A theme of the book is that standard economic principles apply as strongly to the actions and decisions of government as they do to markets.

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The second edition of Public Finance and Public Policy retains the first edition's themes of investigation of responsibilities and limitations of government.

Public Finance Act 1989

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Chapter 12 Excerpt - Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture

Alan J. Public finance has both normative and positive elements, and moving between theory and practice requires attention to help us understand both what policies government should adopt and whether it is likely to do so. We should not be surprised when bad policies are adopted in spite of better policies being available if our political system is structured to deliver bad outcomes, for example, if our political environment gives politicians strong incentives to serve narrow interests at the expense of the common good.

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