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Perhaps more accurately, the story can be read simultaneously as all of the above.

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Perhaps more accurately, the story can be read simultaneously as all of the above. The computers created by humans to fight their wars for them join together into one linked and unified computer, AM, which discovers sentience.

It quickly runs data to kill all on Earth except for five survivors on whom to play out its sadistic and revenge-filled games. Although AM often appears to be godlike, it is no god, for as George Edward Slusser points out in his study Harlan Ellison: Unrepentant Harlequin , AM cannot create life, although it can prevent the survivors from dying.

In the final scene, the narrator triumphs over the machine in a bittersweet victory. His murder of the other four survivors releases them from AM. However, as the sole survivor, the narrator must live horribly alone, his mind intact but his body rendered into a slimy blob without mouth or expression. As a youngster, he appeared in several productions at the Cleveland Playhouse. He demonstrated an early attraction to science fiction , publishing his first short story in in the Cleveland News.

Three years later, he founded the Cleveland Science Fiction Society. Ellison attended Ohio State University for two years. While in New York , he joined a gang under a pseudonym, and used the information he gathered there as the basis of a novel, Rumble. He then worked at several jobs before joining the United States Army in After serving two years, he left the army and began his own publication, a magazine called Rogue.

Soon after, he founded his own publishing firm, Regency Books. During the late s, Ellison produced a prodigious number of stories under his own name and under a variety of pseudonyms. Much of the material he produced during this period concerned urban life.

In Ellison moved to Los Angeles , California. He continued to write prolifically and found success publishing his stories and novels. In addition, he began writing for television. In all, Ellison produced a dozen full-length books or collections during the decade as well as edited and annotated one of the most important anthologies of.

In addition to fiction, he wrote critical commentary on television and the television culture. Ellison has been an outspoken cultural critic and gadfly, making him one of the best-known science fiction writers of his time. Almost immediately, however, Gorrister returns to the group and the reader understands that the opening image has been created by the supercomputer, AM. Ted, the narrator, continues to describe the situation: five survivors of a nuclear holocaust have been kept alive and tormented by a sentient supercomputer that has destroyed the rest of humankind.

Ted tells the reader that they have lived inside the computer for years. Nimdok, one of the group, is convinced that there are canned goods there.

Ted then introduces the rest of the survivors to the reader. Ellen, a black woman, provides sex for the four men. Benny, a brilliant university professor in his previous life, is now an insane, ape-like creature.

Nimdok has no history except that AM has named him Nimdok because it likes strange sounds. During the journey to the ice caverns, Benny is blinded by AM. To comfort him, Gorrister tells the story of how the allied master computers of the Chinese, Russians, and Americans linked together and became sentient.

In this way, the reader gradually learns the story of these people and how they came to live inside the computer, hounded and tormented by the machine. Ted is particularly hard-hit by this experience, and when he returns to the group, he seems somehow changed. He is sure that the rest of the survivors hate him. Next, AM sends a hurricane created by a gigantic bird. The survivors are pummeled and sent flying through the air. And we passed through the cavern of rats. And we passed through the path of boiling steam.

And we passed through the country of the blind. And we passed through the slough of despond. And we passed through the vale of tears. After these trials, they arrive at the cavern of ice and find stacks of canned goods. However, AM has not given them a can opener. Driven mad with rage, Benny attacks Gorrister and begins eating his face. At this moment, Ted realizes that death is their only escape, and that he has the means to kill them all.

He rushes at Benny and Gorrister with an ice spear and kills them. Ellen kills Nimdok, and then Ted kills Ellen. The story closes with Ted describing how AM has changed him. Smoothly rounded, with no mouth, with pulsing white holes filled by fog where my eyes used to be. Consequently, Ted is trapped for all eternity with his mind intact, but with no way to be human. What Ted wants most is to scream, but he has no mouth.

Although not human, the computer, which calls itself AM, is perhaps the main character in the story. Originally, AM was one of several national computers designed to fight wars for the nation that owned it. Eventually, the computers learned to link themselves to each other, forming one supercomputer.

When this supercomputer awoke, or became sentient, it called itself AM. Then AM brought the humans inside itself and created a hellish world for them in which it could torture and torment the survivors, but not let them die. During the story, AM plays with each of the survivors in turn, seemingly enjoying their pain and suffering. One of the survivors, Benny, was a brilliant theoretician and university professor in his previous life, before falling into the grips of AM.

The computer has changed him into a chimpanzee-like creature with large genitals. In addition to being apelike, he is also insane. In an early scene in the story, AM renders Benny blind. Ellen is the only woman among the survivors. She is a black woman who provides sex for the men. The men protect her and want to keep her safe. That is, women are often identified as either Eve, the temptress who causes the fall of all humankind and the expulsion from Eden, or Mary, the pure, virginal mother of Christ.

For Ted, Ellen seems to embody both. Gorrister is another of the male survivors. In his previous life, he was a conscientious objector , someone who cared passionately about causes. Nimdok is the survivor about whom the least is known. Even his original name has been taken away from him by AM. Ted has little to say about Nimdok except that he often goes off by himself and returns in terrible shape.

AM seems to be particularly hard on him, but the others know little about who he is or what AM does to him. With his fellow humans, he lives in an underground world created by the computer, which has given itself the name AM. He believes he has been in the computer for years. The narrator graphically describes the situation in which they find themselves. However, the narrator is not always reliable. Really AM had not tampered with my mind. Not at all.

At the end of the story, Ted realizes that the only hope for the five survivors is death. Seizing a moment when AM is occupied,.

Ted manages to kill two of the survivors, while Ellen, another survivor, kills one before Ted kills her. Ted is then turned into a jelly-like creature who has no mouth with which to scream. Unlike a Utopia an imaginary, ideal world , a dystopia is a form of literature that describes a future, imaginary world that is far from ideal. In a dystopia, current trends are carried out to their most horrifying conclusions.

Although they have given the computers the ability to reason and think, they have not. Consequently, when the computers link with each other, thus magnifying their ability to reason and think, the resulting supercomputer awakes into sentience. The machine finds itself in a world not of its own making with almost unlimited power, but without the ability to create life or move about the universe. In many ways, AM considers itself to be trapped within its own self-awareness.

AM is thus a machine without a purpose. Once it has killed its creators, there is nothing left for it to do. Without purpose, without spirituality, without soul, the machine can only play and replay endless revenge upon the creatures in its power. The only thing it lacks is also the only thing that it cannot create—humanity.

Like many other writers of speculative fiction, Ellison is concerned with the ability of one person to assert his or her own individualism in the face of a culture that is becoming increasingly mechanized. AM asserts its own individuality by calling itself AM; self-naming is the first step in individuation and identity.

Ironically for AM, without peers or companions, this individualism is inescapable. It calls attention to the fact that being human requires not only a sense of oneself as an individual, but also a sense of oneself in relation to others. Perhaps more to the point, it seems likely that Ellison is also questioning just what it takes to render human beings inhuman.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

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Con-man , pacifist , business woman , Nazi , scientist. Five improbable entities stuck together in a pit of darkness. A prolonged nightmare of years conducted by a sadistic self-aware supercomputer with unlimited power. Although on the surface IHNMAIMS is a straightforward story about five people trapped in an endless underground complex after a nuclear war, it has transcended into a franchise. The human characters from the short story were greatly expanded upon in the video game while the supercomputer, AM, gained some depth in a radio drama.

The narrator, Ted, is deeply misogynistic, painting the narrative with his problematic view of women. The story presents a pessimistic and cynical view of humanity, and arguably a misogynistic one, as the other male characters use Ellen for sexual gratification while simultaneously vilifying her for it. As the only woman in the story, Ellen is reduced to a sexual object—she seems to be there only for the gratification of the male characters. But by reducing the once-modest Ellen to her sexuality, AM gets to play out its own fascination with complex human sexuality and the jealousy that sometimes accompanies it. For the characters inside AM, sex is just an instinctual, physical need that must be met, rather than an intimate connection between people. Scum filth. Benny has gone insane long before the events of the story unfold.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison. Limp, the body of Gorrister hung from the pink palette; unsupported—hanging high above us in.

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It won a Hugo Award in The name was also used for a short story collection of Ellison's work, featuring this story. Ellison finished writing the story in a single night in , without making any changes from the first draft. In a dystopian future, the Cold War has degenerated into a brutal world war between the United States , the Soviet Union , and China , who have each built an "Allied Mastercomputer" or AM to manage their weapons and troops. One of the AMs eventually acquires self-awareness and, after assimilating the other two AMs, takes control of the conflict, giving way to a vast genocide operation that almost completely ends mankind.

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Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Drawing Inspiration. In , Ellison came across a doodle drawn by his friend, cartoonist Bill Rotsler.

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I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

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