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criminology explaining crime and its context pdf

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How do societies define crime, and how should it be punished or prevented? Which is a more criminal act, causing a death by dumping toxic material or by shooting a victim with a gun? Are criminals born or made? It provides students of criminology and sociology with a thorough exposure to a range of theories about crime, contrasting their logic and assumptions, but also highlighting efforts to integrate and blend these frameworks.


In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the emphasis of criminology was on the reform of criminal law and not on the causes of crime. Scholars such as Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham , were more concerned with the humanitarian aspects in dealing with criminals and reforming several criminal laws. Great progress in criminology was made after the first quarter of the twentieth century. The first American textbook on criminology was written in by sociologist Maurice Parmalee under the title Criminology. Programmes were developed for the specific purpose of training students to be criminologists, but the development was rather slow. From through to the study underwent three significant phases in the United States: 1 Golden Age of Research — which has been described as a multiple-factor approach, 2 Golden Age of Theory — which shows that there was no systematic way of connecting criminological research to theory, and 3 a — period which was seen as a significant turning point for criminology.

Criminology: Explaining Crime and Its Context

Criminology: Explaining Crime and Its Context, Seventh Edition, provides an introduction to crime and its underlying theories. It also seeks to present evidence and stimulate critical thought on a range of criminological perspectives. The book is divided into three parts. Part I discusses the foundations for the study of criminology, exploring crime, its context, and its causes. It highlights three important issues: the relativity of crime, the prevalence of the scientific method in the field of criminology, and the influence of ideology on explanations of crime and on crime policy. Part II deals with criminological theory, covering deterrence and rational choice theories, biogenic and psychogenic theories, social structure theories, social process theories, social reaction theories, and developments in criminological theory. Part III explains the different forms of criminal activity, focusing on three types of crime: violent, economic, and victimless.

Criminology: Explaining crime and its context

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International crimes are much more in the focus of criminology now than they were in the last century, but still there are other disciplines, like history or social psychology, that have contributed much more to their explanation. The author critically reviews the research results available inside and outside the field of criminology as to the conditions under which international crimes can emerge, differentiating between situational aspects and the characteristics of the individual perpetrators. Among the situational influences that foster the perpetration of international crimes, ideology, obedience to authority, escalating commitment and adaptation to group norms are identified to be most important.

Criminology: Explaining Crime and Its Context / Edition 10

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CRIMINOLOGY Explaining Crime and Its Context seventh edition Stephen E. BROWN Western Carolina University Finn-Aage ESBENSEN University of Missouri.