Bloodtaking And Peacemaking Feud Law And Society In Saga Iceland Pdf

bloodtaking and peacemaking feud law and society in saga iceland pdf

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Bloodtaking and peacemaking: feud, law, and society in Saga Iceland

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Old Norse-Icelandic language and literature at the EFL: e-Books

Dubbed by the New York Times as 'one of the most sought-after legal academics in the county,' William Ian Miller presents the arcane worlds of the Old Norse studies in a way sure to attract the interest of a wide range of readers. Bloodtaking and Peacemaking delves beneath the chaos and brutality of the Norse world to discover a complex interplay of ordering and disordering impulses. Miller's unique and engaging readings of ancient Iceland's sagas and extensive legal code reconstruct and illuminate the society that produced them. People in the saga world negotiated a maze of violent possibility, with strategies that frequently put life and limb in the balance. But there was a paradox in striking the balance-one could not get even without going one better. Miller shows how blood vengeance, law, and peacemaking were inextricably bound together in the feuding process.

Icon for page image monograph. HEB book cover. Bloodtaking and peacemaking​: feud, law, and society in Saga Iceland. Miller, William Ian,

Bloodtaking and Peacemaking Feud, Law, and Society in Saga Iceland

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Posner, medieval iceland and modern scholarship reviewing william ian miller, bloodtaking and peacemaking: feud. Long professor of law, has been a member of the michigan law faculty since His research centers on saga iceland, from whence the materials studied in his course bloodfeuds and which provides the sources for his bloodtaking and peacemaking: feud, law, and society in saga iceland

The conventional explanation of the rise of social order in medieval Iceland, the so-called Commonwealth period, is constructivist in nature. In light of medieval legal thought, the explanation is unconvincing. The story of the decline of that social order is also problematic, in that no integrated theory seems to lie behind the explanation. By applying cooperation and rent-seeking theories to the historical record an attempt is made to provide an explanation that is more convincing, integrated and spontaneous in nature.

History: European History. Law and Legal Studies: Legal History. Literature and Literary Criticism: Germanic Languages.

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Institutional evolution in the Icelandic Commonwealth

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Bloodtaking and Peacemaking


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