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irig accuracy and connection requirements pdf

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The user can only change the Control Field field and Coded Expression field to allowed values for the Format field. Make sure the year is set correctly when the SecureSync is installed. If the year is not set correctly before NTP achieves time synchronization, it will use the value entered. The unit will also default to the year entered if it is powered down during the rollover of the year. If the SecureSync was not switched on during the rollover, this value must be updated.


This configuration then enables the chassis to operate as a subordinate in a virtual chassis chain, with the Ixia AFD2 as the master. Figure on page shows the AFD2 in operation with other chassis in a local chassis chain. Figure shows the Chassis Properties dialog with status information. The connection is determined to be either locked or unlocked. In the unlocked state, the chassis in the unlocked chain are not accurately time-synchronized to the rest of the chain. In operation, once a chassis chain is constructed and the chassis are synchronized, you can clear the timestamps to provide a baseline time for all chassis in the chain.

IRIG Time Code Basics

Common questions concerning connecting timing signals include: What are the different types of IRIG-B, and what are the differences? How do you connect multiple devices to one timing output? How far can you transmit timing signals? What kind of cabling and connectors should I use? The steps involved in getting your devices synchronized to the GPS are fairly simple and should not take long to complete. To expedite the process, make sure to: 1.

IRIG timecode

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Inter-range instrumentation group timecodes , commonly known as IRIG timecode , are standard formats for transferring timing information. Work on these standards started in October , and the original standards were accepted in The different timecodes defined in the Standard have alphabetic designations. C [1] [2] was in the original specification, but was replaced by H. The main difference between codes is their rate, which varies between one pulse per minute and 10, pulses per second.

Over the years different organizations have published several standards defining the basic timecodes and also extensions to those time codes to meet the requirements of new applications. The latest revisions are IRIG Standard from which defined a group of Manchester modulated signals, and IRIG Standard which is the current version specifying some new codes which also transmit a year number. Each letter or digit reflects an attribute of the corresponding IRIG code.

IRIG timecode

The frequently used term IRIG signals refers to a whole group of serial time codes which use a continuous stream of binary data to transmit information on date and time. Individual IRIG code formats are distinguished by names consisting of a letter followed by a 3-digit number. The individual name determines the transmission speed and frame rate , whether the time code is modulated or unmodulated DC level shift, DCLS , and the kind of information included in the transmitted data. Over the years there have been a number of revisions and extensions to the original specification. The current version of the document is IRIG Standard which was published in and is available for download at the U. The time codes defined by these standards are based on specific IRIG codes, but include some useful extensions.

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Its accuracy is usually the same as the clock's one pulse-per-second output, since both signals are typically generated using similar drivers. This means that the IRIG-B unmodulated signal can easily be gener- ated with the fundamental accuracy of digital logic: a few tens of nanoseconds.

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The M is a Modular Timing System provides a Master Clock based upon a central microprocessor and a precision oscillator time base for many applications including synchronizing computers, telemetry systems, scientific experiments, communication networks or for the precise displaying of time of day.



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