Principles Of Naval Engineering Propulsion And Auxiliary Systems Pdf

principles of naval engineering propulsion and auxiliary systems pdf

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Below is a list of the courses you will have to take, as well as a brief description of each. NSC — Naval Science Laboratory: 0 credit hours Drill, basic commands, courtesies, and honors; orientation and information period. NSC — Introduction to Naval Science: 2 credit hours A general introduction to the naval profession and to concepts of seapower.

Naval Science (NAVSC)

The ment is thus equal to the total weight, all told, of the relevant loaded ship, nor- Gross register tons mally The frictional resistance is found as coefficients C and, thus, the pertaining The influence of frictional and residual resistances The power delivered to the propeller , The right column is valid for low-speed cific residual resistance coefficient CR is PD, in order to move the ship at speed ships like bulk carriers and tankers, and described in specialised literature, Ref. V is, however, somewhat larger. This is the left column is valid for very high- [2], and the residual resistance is found due, in particular, to the flow conditions speed ships like cruise liners and fer- around the propeller and the propeller ries. Container ships may be placed in efficiency itself, the influences of which are discussed in the next This tendency is also shown in Fig.

ISBN 13: 9781612511047

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Introduction to naval organization, customs, military law, ships, aircraft, and Marine Corps and Navy career paths. It also provides each student with basic information concerning shipboard procedures, safety, damage control and organization. In addition, this course teaches Department of Defense and Navy policies providing students the start-point to succeed as future naval officers. Managerial thought and behavioral theories, with emphasis on how they apply to the naval organization. Underscoring interactive learning and designed to be taught by experienced, commissioned officers of the U.

Unit Courses

This textbook covers the basic design and operating principles of the propulsion and auxiliary systems of today's Naval forces. The topics include the main components in the propulsion and auxiliary systems for both conventional and nuclear steam propulsion, gas turbine power plants for both ship and aircraft applications , and internal combustion engines. Other important components covered in greater detail include pumps, valves, pressure and temperature instruments, and heat exchangers.

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main propulsion cycle of the widely used steam turbine propulsion plant. Auxiliary machinery and equipment are discussed in part IV. Other types School Command, Great Lakes, Illinois; and Naval Ship Systems Command. First edition.

NSC 1101 – Naval Science Laboratory:

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HNC/HND Marine Engineering (England)

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Naval Science (NAVSC)

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main propulsion cycle of the widely used steam turbine propulsion plant. Auxiliary machinery and equipmentare discussed in part IV. Other types School Command, Great Lakes, Illinois; and Naval Ship Systems Command. First edition

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