Measurement Of Ph Conductivity Viscosity And Humidity Pdf

measurement of ph conductivity viscosity and humidity pdf

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A resistance thermometer would be chosen because of:.

Commercial and recreational gardeners are showing a growing interest in taking accurate pH measurement of soil samples. The pH of soil indicates more than its alkalinity or acidity strength ; it affects the relative availability of nutrients, the soil life, and the type of plants that will thrive. The common range of soil pH varies from 4. The ability of soil to provide adequate nutrition to the plant depends upon the following factors :. Soil life refers to living organisms that live in the soil and break down the organic materials.

Testing the pH of Soil Samples

A resistance thermometer would be chosen because of:. Ability to measure high temperatures b. Economy c. Higher accuracy d. Thermocouples are often chosen because of:. High accuracy b. Ability to measure high temperatures c.

Economy d. Ability to measure an extremely narrow span of temperature. The Class II vapor-pressure thermometer employs a nonlinear scale because:. It is easier to read b. It may be ratioed to flow measurements c. The vapor pressure curve is nonlinear d. The mechanism employed causes nonlinearity. Which filled thermal system, or systems, would you select for measuring the room temperature in your house. Minimize the ambient effects on the connecting capillary b. Obtain the optimum dynamic performance c.

Make a maximum bulb area available for measurement d. Reduce the power produced in the element. The best choice of the system would be:. A copper-constant at thermocouple b. A copper RTD c. A nickel RTD d. A Class lA filled thermal system. A hair element is used because of it :. Measures absolute humidity b. Is the most accurate type of humidity measurement c. Is simple and inexpensive d.

Measures dew point. A lithium chloride element is usually calibrated to read:. Relative humidity b. Wet bulb temperature c. Absolute humidity d. Lithium chloride is used because of a. It is nonpoisonous b. It is inexpensive c. It is extremely hygroscopic d. It does not corrode the equipment. The dry bulb will read lower than the wet bulb b. The two thermometers may read the same c. The wet bulb will read lower than the dry bulb d. A formula may be employed to relate the wet bulb reading to relative humidity.

The purpose of using extension lead wires that have the same thermoelectric characteristics as the thermocouple is to:. Prevent corrosion at all junctions b. Extend the reference junction back to the instrument c. Prevent creating an unwanted reference junction d. Make the thermocouple system operate in standard fashion5.

Relative humidity is:. The moisture present in a body of air expressed as a percentage of saturation at the existing temperature b. The moisture in a body of air, in grams per cubic meter c. The temperature at which moisture will condense from a body of air d. The ratio of actual moisture in a volume of air to the moisture that would exist at optimum comfort in a similar volume.

A psychrometer is :. A hair element instrument b. An instrument that senses psychological disturbances d. An instrument that reads directly in dew point. A hygrometer is. Convenient for measuring specific gravity b. An instrument that measures gas weight c. Any instrument that measures moisture content d. Another name for psychrometer. Approximately 4. Any value. The advantage of using a three-wire cable to connect an RTD to its associated instrument is that:.

Reference junction errors are eliminated b. The effect of ambient temperature on the cable will be minimized c. Potential failures will be minimal d. Resistance in the external circuit is reduce. A thermocouple instrument has an input resistance of 50, ohms and is used with an IC Type J couple. The lead wire is 18 gauge, feet long.

What is the approximate error contributed by the lead wire? A different resistance-to-temperature relationship b. Nonexistent c.

Greater accuracy with the NR curve d. Greater accuracy with the NR curve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Primary Menu Inst Tools. Search for: Search. Previous Article. Next Article.

Process Pressure Measurement Objective Questions. Related Articles. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Multiple Choice Questions. Temperature and Humidity Objective Questions. WordPress Image Lightbox. Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

Temperature and Humidity Objective Questions

Basically there are two categories of level sensing devices. They are direct sensing, in which case the actual level is monitored, and indirect sensing where a property of the liquid such as pressure is sensed to determine the liquid level. Pressure is often used as an indirect method of measuring liquid levels. Pressure increases as the depth increases in a fluid. Capacitive probes can be used in non conductive liquids and free flowing solids for level measurement. For instance, air has a dielectric constant of 1 and water

The solvent used for preparing the binder solution in wet granulation can affect the granulation end point and also impact the thermal, rheological, and flow properties of the granules. The present study investigates the effect of solvents and percentage relative humidity RH on the granules of microcrystalline cellulose MCC with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC as the binder. MCC was granulated using 2. Prepared granules were dried until constant percentage loss on drying, sieved, and further analyzed. Powder rheometer was used for the rheological and flow characterization, while thermal effusivity and differential scanning calorimeter were used for thermal analysis. Although the solvents used affected the equilibration kinetics of moisture content, the RH-exposed granules remained unaffected in their flow properties in both cases.

TM specific description. Find your logger here. The Minnow logger is a portable, battery operated, temperature and humidity data logger able to store 65 samples of both temperature and humidity along with a time stamp. The Minnow 2. The external sensors are accessed by a single connector located under the protective cover. The included external input cover allows for secure retention of the cable while retaining the loggers IP67 rating. This datalogger is optimized for reliable measurement in demanding industrial applications.

Name different methods for level and moisture measurements. 2. Explain the basic techniques of level and humidity measurement. 3. Explain the principle of pH.

Temperature and Humidity Objective Questions

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The physical and chemical degradation of drugs may result in altered therapeutic efficacy and even toxic effects. Therefore, the objective of this work was to study the stability of clobetasol propionate CP in a nanoemulsion.

Accelerated Stability Testing of a Clobetasol Propionate-Loaded Nanoemulsion as per ICH Guidelines

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