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psychology in teaching learning and growth pdf

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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of human learning. The study of learning processes, from both cognitive and behavioral perspectives, allows researchers to understand individual differences in intelligence , cognitive development, affect, motivation , self-regulation, and self-concept, as well as their role in learning.

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Importance of child psychology for teachers

Formerly Psychology was studied as a sub-branch of philosophy. When physiologists of the late nineteenth century began to use scientific methods to study the mind and its working, Psychology became an independent scientific discipline. Education and Psychology Education is a process which enables the individual to distinguish between true and false, good and bad, right and wrong. Education is concerned with human ends and the means of promoting them. Psychology is concerned with understanding and gaining knowledge of human experience and actions.

Educational Psychology is the systematic study of the educational growth and development of a child. Educational psychology helps the teacher in doing so.

Education and psychology are interdependent. Psychology is the study of human behavior while Education is the process of modifying human behavior. Both deal with human behaviour, but in different ways. Educational psychology deals with educational problems. Psychology has changed the spirit of education and given new meaning to learning in the classroom. Psychology changed the old concept of education where only upper class had the ability and right to learn.

Psychology has given education the theory of individual differences which postulates that every child has different mental ability and learns at a different pace. Today, education psychology is considered the foundation of education. Untrained Teacher: Without proper training, a teacher would find it difficult to understand the psychology of the child and his problems, what the possibilities are and why the child is not learning. A trained teacher could understand the problem and solve it.

Educational Psychology and Curriculum A good curriculum is that which stimulates the constructive potentialities of the students and which is prepared according to the mental level of the students.

Educational Psychology and Method of Teaching: If the teacher teaches his students according to the interest and mental development of the students, they will like it and will learn easily. The teacher should teach according to their mental level. Audio visual aids in the educational processes are also the result of educational psychology. Education Psychology and Guidance and Counselling: Many students have problems related to education, society and their own emotions.

Psychology provides guidance in such conditions. According to his growth, the personality and mental ability of an individual can be divided into different stages such as infancy, childhood, adulthood, etc. During these stages the mental maturity is at different levels.

Psychologists consider that if the teaching process is calibrated according to these different stages, learning becomes easy. Different methods of teaching are used at different stages.

This is impossible without proper knowledge of psychology. Educational Psychology and Development of Personality: To build up the personality of an individual is the aim of education. To study the stimuli and responses of personality, demerits in personality and their causes and reform of personality is impossible without proper knowledge of psychology. Educational Psychology and Social Adjustment: Educational psychology has shown factors affecting social adjustment and endorsed principles which help a man in the process of adjustment with society.

Educational Psychology and Learning: Learning is the basic topic of educational psychology. From the meaning of learning to the laws of learning, different topics have been highlighted by psychology. This has helped in making the process of education easy, interesting and pleasant. Educational Psychology and Mental Health: Educational psychology has pointed out the factors affecting mental health of the students. If these principles are not regulated the students cannot adjust themselves in the society.

Mental retardation is created due to bad environment, improper food, and emotional and social needs. To produce hygienic mental conditions is the work of only a psychologist. Educational Psychology and Children Needing Special Attention: Differently-abled students have many educational, emotional and social problems.

Psychology helps them cope with their problems and become useful members of society. Educational Psychology and School Organization: Psychologists believe that a school must have congenial and conducive environment to help the students develop balanced personalities. The social environment in school can be an effective tool to allow the students to develop a number of qualities such as self confidence, leadership, cooperation and healthy competition, decision making, problem solving and good citizenship.

Thus education and psychology are intertwined. The contribution of psychology can be inferred from the development of educational psychology as a branch of study universally studied by teachers and teacher educators. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Relationship between Education and Psychology: Education and psychology are interdependent. Psychology helps education in the following ways: Psychology suggests use of different methods in teaching learning process to achieve better results. Psychology gives emphasis to motivation and readiness in class room. Psychology has introduced new theories of learning in education. Psychology emphasises activity — based teaching learning process. Psychology encourages the use of audio-visual aids in teaching learning process.

Psychology helps in curriculum construction in the following ways: Prepare the curriculum according to the needs of the students and society. Psychology stresses individual differences; therefore the curriculum should be flexible for all the learners in the class room.

Education Psychology and Evaluation Educational psychology has introduced different types of tests and examinations and derived scientific measurement for intelligence, personality, etc. These tests disclose the weak points of aptitude of the students.

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Using Educational Psychology for Better Teaching-Learning Environment

Teacher is like a philosopher who guides his student. He is responsible to be aware about growth and development of the students. It is educational psychology which enables the teacher to use various techniques. The importance of educational psychology and teachers has the following points:. Following are the points which show the importance of education psychology in education. It also show how educational psychology and education have importance for another another. Here educational psychology investigates that how information and knowledge be transferred and what kinds of methodologies should be used for that purpose.

With the help of educational psychology teacher is able to create positive learning the various aspects of learners' growth and development.

Educational psychology

Educational psychology has contributed considerably to the creation of the modern system of education. The knowledge of educational psychology helps the teacher in the following ways:. To understand the Stages of Development: Psychology has clearly shown that human life passes through different stages of development before it reaches adulthood.

Child Psychology is a subdivision of Psychology that mainly deals with the mental care and conditions of children until the age of A school is called a second home because, at school, teachers act like parents who mentor, facilitate and guide them to be responsible citizens. A teacher needs to understand the child psychology to transform from a good teacher to an effective teacher.

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growth and development in educational psychology pdf

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Educational Psychology – Importance for Teachers & Education

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Formerly Psychology was studied as a sub-branch of philosophy.

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